Discover Whitby in the United Kingdom this year

Whitby in the United Kingdom is home to this abandoned abbey

Photo by CC user Bay Photographic on Flickr

Although it doesn’t come up conversation much, Whitby is a town that often catches visitors to the United Kingdom by surprise. With its charm and amazing sights, it makes for a great base for those looking to explore the northern portions of England.

After looking into some beautiful hotels around Whitby and booking one of them, check out the paragraphs below for some ideas of what you can do while in this corner of Yorkshire during your upcoming trip to the UK this year.

Explore the James Cook Museum

One of the world’s most famed explorers, James Cook, was born and raised in the Whitby area. As such, there is a museum in town dedicated to the life and times of this sea captain, who contributed a great deal of knowledge about the South Pacific to the public record.

During his voyages, he established the first contact with the peoples of many Polynesian islands, New Zealand and the east coast of Australia.

In the museum honouring him, you will find many letters that he wrote, his maps, and model ships that he commanded during his celebrated career as an explorer.

Walk through the ruins of the Whitby Abbey

History buffs will also want to make their way out to the remains of the Whitby Abbey. Abandoned since Henry VIII dissolved monasteries in 1540 and left to the ravages of the elements, it has since fallen under the care of English Heritage, which has preserved what remained of what used to be a grand church.

A particularly haunting place to be close to sunset, those that head up here during golden/blue hour will be sure to get some truly remarkable photos of the arches and facades that have stood tall against the forces of nature and man (it got shelled by accident in World War I by the Germans) for centuries.

Stroll along Sandsend Beach

If you need to clear your head during your time in Whitby, nothing will get the job done quite like taking a leisurely stroll along the length of Sandsend Beach.

Framed by rocky headlands at either end, there are numerous opportunities for avid photographers to snap some amazing photos.

If you’d rather get involved in something a bit more active while here, you’ll be happy to learn that the swells here get high enough for surfing to be a viable activity throughout much of the year.

Climb the 199 Steps

Finally, those looking for a panoramic view of the town of Whitby will want to climb the vaunted 199 Steps.

Famous along with the ruins of Whitby Abbey ruins for helping to inspire Bram Stoker to write his famous novel Dracula, it is a tradition that you count each of the steps on the way up to ensure that there are exactly 199.

Errors aside, there is a controversy on whether there is actually 199 or 200, as it depends on whether you count the bottom step or not. Either way, there are great shots to be had from the top, so make sure you capture them before moving on to other destinations in the UK.