Vacation Ideas in Mauritius


Over the years, you have built a successful career, but in that time you have also learned that it not only beneficial, but necessary to take a break from your work to recharge your physical and mental batteries, especially when the cold, dry air of winter drains your motivations.

As such, you’ve made a game to plan a vacation to a new exotic part of the world every winter, and this year, it’s Mauritius’ time to shine.  This rapidly emerging destination off the coast of Madagascar is hot, and you want to get in there and experience this paradise’s charms before the tourist hordes ruin it irreversibly.

To get your vacation planning started though, you are in search of suggestions for things to do and places to go.  To help you in this task, we have put together a list of vacation ideas that you’ll want to follow through on when you arrive in Mauritius.  Let’s go over them together!

Once you’ve had the chance to get settled and sleep off the effects of your long flight at the luxurious Tamassa Hotel Mauritius, the first thing you’ll likely want to do is hit the beaches, which are the stuff of legends.  If you wish to stick close to your room, you can visit the sands of Bel Ombre, a brilliant beach with light blue water and swaying palms.

For those seeking the Robinson Crusoe experience should take a short boat ride to Ile Aux Cerfs, a tiny cay that lies just off Mauritius’ eastern coast.  Lay amongst unparalleled tropical beauty, snorkel amongst brilliantly coloured coral reefs in crystal clear waters, or just float lazily down the river that splits the isle in half – the choice is yours!

Want something a bit more lively?  Then head to Grand Baie, which is the village that is the anchor of Mauritius’ north coast.  The beach here is outstanding like most are on this idyllic island, but it also boasts excellent nightlife once the sun goes to bed for the evening, and well-regarded restaurants like the Happy Rajah, an Indian joint that has garnered 4.2 stars out of 5 by Google Plus reviewers.

Despite all the charms that Mauritius has, you might be a little concerned by the lack of good coffee here (as an enthusiast, your standards are high).  This may be true, but Mauritius is much more famous for excellent tea, as it is grown and harvested by the bushel in the highlands that grace the island’s interior.

Take some time to follow the Mauritius Tea Route, which will lead through the various plantations here, through fragrantly scented tea factories where leafs are shredded down until they release their aromatic juices into your cup.  Tea tasting and a buffet are included on the journey, as well as a visit to a rum house, which will only serve to spice up the proceedings on your day tour through Mauritius’ tea region.

With this, we hope your excitement for visiting Mauritius has been stoked to new heights.  Once you arrive, your expectations will be exceeded, as this place is one of the world’s most special destinations.