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The Allure of Travel: The Why, Where, and How of Getting Out There

Not a day goes by without seeing a travel-related post pop up in your social feed.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to be a digital nomad?

The person traversing while affording the trip through online work. Hell, being able to get out there, away from work for a short while, to experience new cultures, try new cuisines, and participate in memorable experiences is reason enough.

I don’t have to tell you the allure of travel – but I’d like to share why we need it. Plus, some extras on where you could go and making it happen. Sound good? Great!

The Why: A Need for Travel

We travel for several reasons but I think there are some underlying motives we all share:

·  Risks – We want stories to tell and the best ones are often those that involved risks. Finding ourselves in new lands, completely out of our element is a surefire way to accomplish this. We don’t want to be harmed but we push those boundaries when traveling; a calling of the void that pumps adrenaline and creates a unique experience.

·  Perspective – The world is huge and despite our ability to tap into other cultures and experiences through the Web it doesn’t have the same impact. Being in the thick of a festival or invited to dine with a local family shows how interconnected we really are – it’s a humbling experience knowing we’re all trying to find ourselves.

·  Reset – Travel strips the everyday responsibilities; you’re forced to live in the moment. Being able to step away and take everything in lets us unwind and de-stress. We come back glowing; something that spills positivity into our relationships, work, and social life.

To each their own, of course.

The What: Where to Go

Where would you go if you had the time and money to do so? How about:

·  Timeshares – An all-inclusive getaway; Welk Timeshare comes to mind. This option is great for those that don’t want to think about how they’re getting there and just wants to relax. Newer options give flexibility with timing and locations so check ‘em out.

·  Couchsurfing – Will take you just about anywhere if you’re willing to take the (small) risk. In the age of Airbnb, it’s nice knowing people still open their doors to travelers without charging. Join the couchsurfing community to find locations all around the world; host a few of your own!

·  WWOOFING – Volunteer to help organic farmers from all over the world. You’ll put in work time for hosting and food. Plus, you’re helping to build sustainability.

·  Cruises – Working on a cruise line has become a popular option. Reasons include the ability to travel but also save up decent money while your room & board are accounted for. It’s not the best way to get around but it sure beats working a crumby 9-to-5 in town, right?

What’s missing? The destinations.

Since you’ll either have a destination that’s been on your mind for many years or go with the flow. That’s the beauty of travel… anywhere you go will present amazing, new experiences!

The How: Making it All Happen

Making it happens means making travel a priority.

Once you set traveling as your “go-to thing to do” you’ll find it easier to save. You’ll question every expense since it could go toward the travel funds. You’ll have the energy to learn money-saving travel tips that’ll eventually go into effect once there (further refining your travel budget).

There are several smart ways to set yourself up to travel:

·  Take full advantage of frequent flyer credit cards

·  Set up automatic savings toward travel funds

·  Try to compact your PTO and use them on top of 3-day weekends

·  Find a travel buddy so you can split costs

·  Ask for gift cards and money during holidays to fund the trip

Again, it’s about making it a priority – you’ll find a way once you’re dead-set on traveling.

Your turn… Why do you enjoy traveling? Where do you go? And how do you make it happen?