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How to plan your Walt Disney World holiday

Photo by CC user ErikAggie on Pixabay

About to head south this winter to see Walt Disney World for the first time? This attraction is nothing like other amusement parks you’ve visited, so planning ahead of time is key if you hope to get the most out of your inaugural trip.

Here’s what you should keep in mind when planning your holiday to Walt Disney World…

1) Pre-buy your tickets on the internet

While your Walt Disney World holiday will be filled with joy, one of the least favourite experiences of this trip in years past has been the experience of waiting in line for entrance tickets.

This problem has been done away with in the present day, thanks to the internet. These days, it is possible to buy your Disney tickets online to avoid the queues that will leave you out underneath the punishing Florida sun for as long as an hour in peak season.

Take the time to order them beforehand, and avoid this giant time suck.

2) Accommodations: on-resort, or in Orlando?

The fact that Disney has a number of hotels on its property is another thing that you should consider when planning the logistics of your trip to Orlando.

While it is convenient to be situated within a stone’s throw from all the parks of Walt Disney World, it also costs more, and it isolates you from the attractions of Orlando.

Staying in the city is cheaper, exposes you to a wider variety of accommodation and dining options, and places you within easy reach of the city’s non-Disney amusement parks, but it is located a considerable distance from Disney’s location outside Orlando.

If you go the latter route, you will need to rent a car.

3) Consider purchasing a Disney Dining Plan

The Disney Dining Plan is another way that families can save money on food during their trip to Walt Disney World.

A scheme that allows them to pre-load a card with the amount of cash that they are willing to spend on meals, it also is crazy convenient, as you can pay your bill with the simple swipe of a card … no fumbling around with purses or wallets required.

4) Draw up a plan to tackle the various WDW parks

Walt Disney World is a place that should not be taken lightly. With six different parks on the property, each of which sprawl over a wide area and have multiple distinct sections, it is incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to see everything on your visit.

We recommend a minimum visit of four days, ideally a week. Read up in-depth on the various attractions that each park has to offer, draw up a list of the ones you want to see, and you’ll have a guide that will help you make the most of your first trip here.

Larger than life activities to do while in Las Vegas

Photo by CC user sarangib on Pixabay

When people go to Vegas, they are often in the mood to live life on a larger scale than they would in their boring hometowns.

If you want to do the same, but have no idea where to start, this article will spout off several suggestions that will help you make the most of your time in the Adult Entertainment Capital of the World.

1) Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon

While there is plenty to do within Vegas city limits, you are also within an easy helicopter flight of the Grand Canyon.

As one of America’s (and the world’s) most amazing natural attractions, don’t pass up the chance to go on a helicopter ride and see it from above.

While you can also see this wonder from a plane, helicopters are allowed to fly 1,000 feet below the lowest allowable altitude, making it possible to get some unreal shots of this amazing corner of the world from the air.

2) Checking out the Hoover Dam

Built and completed during the Great Depression, the Hoover Dam was a wonder of civil engineering in the early 20th century.

Even in the present day, this concrete monster still plays a crucial role in powering the millions of twinkling lights that make Las Vegas the audacious place that it is.

While it is awesome enough to look at, be sure to sign up for a tour so that you can properly understand its scale and its continuing importance in this part of America.

3) Go shoot some guns

While some may consider this suggestion to be rather controversial, there is no denying that America’s gun culture is one thing that has made it distinct from other Western nations.

With far fewer restrictions on firearms due to freedoms granted by the 2nd Amendment, those looking to shoot a firearm for the first time in their life will get the opportunity to do so at one of many gun ranges found in town.

From 9mm handguns to fully automatic machine guns, you’ll get a chance to experience the frightening power that can be unleashed by simply squeezing a trigger.

Instructors will guide you through the process, and you’ll get to keep the paper target upon which you will unleash your fury.

4) Paint the town red

Las Vegas is definitely known for its casinos, but it has also built a reputation for having one of the hottest nightlife scenes in America.

Where there’s money, you’ll find opulent lounges and nightclubs where it is all too easy to spend it; as such, there is plenty of both on The Strip.

From Hakkasan, which is known for hosting some of the world’s best DJ’s, to Light, the concept bar created by the people behind Cirque de Soleil, there is no shortage of amazing options for partying your face off after dark.

Things to keep in mind when visiting Walt Disney World

There are many things to keep in mind when visiting Walt Disney World

Photo by CC user quintanomedia on Flickr

Making a trip to Walt Disney World is the dream of many families. While many travel here every year, some are more prepared than others.

In this article, we’ll share some things that you should keep in mind when visiting Walt Disney World.

1) Order tickets online to save time

Of all the experiences that people don’t look forward to at Walt Disney World, lining up to buy tickets has to be one of the worst.

Instead of spending time on rides and having your kids meet their favorite characters, you end up wasting it for upwards of an hour, just to purchase the right to pass through the gates.

Fortunately, you can get your tickets online to avoid queues these days, which will get you through the turnstiles quickly, giving your family the chance to make the most of their day in one of the happiest places on Earth.

2) There is a special Disney shuttle from the airport

Booked accommodations at one of the 27 hotels located on the grounds of Walt Disney World? If you have, you won’t have to worry about getting a rental car if you don’t want to get one, as there is a shuttle bus that runs from arrivals to the front doors of your hotel in Walt Disney World.

Not only will they transport you, but they’ll also take your baggage from the carousel all the way to your room if you arrange for it.

While there are a few of the 27 that don’t participate in the program, the majority of people staying at Disney World will benefit immensely from this service.

3) Leave plenty of time to experience all the parks

The number one mistake that people make when planning a holiday at Walt Disney World is that they fail to grasp how big the parks within its boundaries are.

The Magic Kingdom alone needs at least two full days in order to get properly appreciated, and then there are parks like EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and two water parks (Typhoon Lagoon/Blizzard Beach).

If you want to see it all, try to book 1 ½ to 2 weeks for your trip here, as there will be a need to take a break day at some point.

If you can only do a week, be prepared to make sacrifices; if the kids complain about missing out on an attraction, promise them you’ll see it next time. Based on how amazing this destination is, it won’t be long before you’ll be back anyway.