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Restaurants you can’t afford to miss on the Turks and Caicos

There are many Restaurants you can't afford to miss on the Turks and Caicos

Photo by CC user mp1746 on Pixabay

One of the greatest pleasures of being on holiday is getting to take a break from the kitchen, and let someone else do all the hard work.

While you could always hire a private chef to cook for you in whichever of the Turks and Caicos villas you end up renting, there are so many excellent dining options throughout the islands, it would be a shame if you stayed in throughout the entirety of your visit.

With this in mind, here are a few restaurants you should check out while you are visiting the Turks and Caicos.


1) Turks Kebab

Despite being a humble joint, repeat visitors to Grace Bay have taken a liking to the keep-it-simple approach that Turks Kebab has embraced since its founding.

Specializing in street Mediterranean foods such as kebab, hummus, and donairs, many grab these dishes to enjoy them in the privacy of their own private villas, or on the beach as the sun sinks into the horizon.

2) Caicos Bakery

Those looking for a cheap breakfast will be sure to find something that strikes their fancy at Caicos Bakery.

Focusing on French pastries like almond croissants, they have built a following that has led to them being ranked as the top bakery in the Turks and Caicos according to Tripadvisor.

With staff that warmly greet customers as if they were family, we have no doubt that they will retain this honour for the foreseeable future.

3) The Patty Place

Have a soft spot in your heart for Jamaican cuisine? Be sure to frequent The Patty Place during your time in Providenciales.

An inexpensive lunch spot which serves up a variety of Jamaican patties (don’t miss the beef and cheese ones) and some excellent rice and bean dishes, you won’t have to go elsewhere for dessert either, as they serve up Devon Stout ice cream in waffle cones … yum!


4) Shay Cafe & Lounge

Those who have sworn off meat for health and/or ethical reasons will likely find themselves dining at Shay Cafe & Lounge more than a few times during their Turks and Caicos holiday.

Breakfast is a favourite meal of many return visitors, as they have repeatedly praised the quality of their french toast and breakfast sandwiches.

Those who enjoy partaking in animal products will enjoy the eggs benedict, ensuring their return to this establishment if their partner isn’t into consuming flesh.

5) The Landing

If you believe that dining on holiday is all about having unforgettable experiences for an unbeatable price, eating at The Landing will prove to be one of the best decisions you’ll make during your time in the Turks and Caicos.

With offerings ranging from pulled pork to fish burgers, the food holds up its end of the bargain, but the setting here will define your experience, with its sandy floor, starry ceiling, and its boat-shaped bar.

6) Sandbar Restaurant

Staying on Grand Turk? If you want to have a dining experience you won’t soon forget, have at least one meal at the Sandbar Restaurant.

The place of choice for sundowner beers for many snowbirds, the beverages you have here will only mark the beginning of your time here.

The grilled grouper, conch, quesadillas, and burgers will make for a down to earth experience that ensures your return to this understated place upon your return visit to the Turks and Caicos.


7) Coco Bistro

Want to be privy to one of the most exquisite dining experiences in the T&C archipelago? Get your concierge to phone well in advance to book you a table at Coco Bistro.

An open air restaurant where palm tree fronds are your ceiling, this special environment will only serve to enhance your experience here.

With delectable dishes which include shrimp satays, penne pasta, and rack of lamb, you and your partner will have a culinary experience that will raise the bar of what you previously thought was fine dining.

8) Seven

The Coco Bistro doesn’t have a monopoly on al fresco dining in the Turks and Caicos, so if you find yourself shut out of Coco’s, Seven is an excellent second option.

The cooks and wait staff here pay remarkable attention to detail, as the vast majority of dishes come out of the back cooked perfectly. In the rare instance they aren’t, everything will be done to make things right.

As for the food, the pumpkin ravioli and the mahi-mahi are highly thought of by diners, but if you can’t decide on what to have, they also have a tasting menu which will allow you to sample the best of what they have to offer.

9) Ristorante Via Veneto

If you are craving Italian food while in the Turks and Caicos, dining at Ristorante Via Veneto will help make things right in a hurry.

In order to get the pork cheeks, lasagna, and pizza for their menu made to their standards, the owners have imported most of their ingredients directly from Italy.

While this has had the effect of driving up prices, it ensures authenticity and flavour, making Ristorante Via Veneto a sure bet if you are looking for excellent Italian cuisine in Providenciales.