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Here’s How to Explore Colombo on a Budget

There are so many of you who must have dreamt of exploring Colombo and its adjoining areas. However, there are again so many of you who have put this thought away against your wishes because of the constant turmoil taking place in Sri Lanka and making the country a little unsafe and uncomfortable for the tourists.

For those of you who dream of visiting the nooks and corners of Colombo even today, here is a splendid news for you! The tourism industry in the country of Sri Lanka has flourished once again and, hence, no one can stop you now from visiting the dreamland of yours.

However, because the tourism industry had been suffering a huge loss for decades, all the prices adhering to tourism in Sri Lanka, and, thereby, Colombo, have been hiked. Moreover, the foreign visitors have to pay quite a lump sum every time they set foot on the land of Colombo. Hence, isn’t it time for you to plan out your “Yatra” with the help of the leading travel agencies like Yatra so that you can enjoy a comfortable trip to this neighboring country of India even if your budget is limited? Of course, you should! So, get the tickets done from here http://bit.ly/2s1pccm to have a great time in Colombo.

So, read this guide and jot down the points in advance so that you don’t end up burning a hole in your pocket during your visit to Colombo.

  • Choose the Right Form of Transport: In Sri Lanka, the private transports which are specially meant for the tourists are quite pricey. So, instead of taking the more comfortable form of transport, you should opt for the public transports that are much more convenient. Also, make sure that you book your flight tickets in advance so that you don’t have to pay the maximum price. Moreover, as it is an international trip, you must keep track of the offers on the various travel agencies’ websites like Yatra which offer cashback and discounts on certain occasions.
  • Choose Where to Stay: You cannot dream of living in a royal suite in Colombo if you are on a tight budget. In such a case, try to choose the clean and comfortable private rooms with an attached bathroom that are equally good. Moreover, if you want to save some more, you can jolly well stay a little away from the centre of Colombo and away from the major tourist attractions in the city for saving on the hotel bill.
  • Choose What to Eat: It isn’t impossible to have the cuisine of your choice served decoratively to you in a grand restaurant. However, if you want to indulge in that kind of a luxury, you have to pay a heavy price too. So, if you are on a low budget. You must try out the local delicacies that would definitely satisfy your hunger and make you crave for the local dishes of Sri Lanka once you go back to your own country.
  • Choose Where to Visit: The natural beauty of Sri Lanka, and especially, Colombo, is so diverse that every tourist keeps gawking at the majestic wonders. However, whenever it comes to the tourist places, the ticket prices are quite high owing to the business policies. So, this gives you the opportunity of saving your money by visiting those tourist places that can be enjoyed free of cost such as the wide and peaceful beaches, the lovely terraced tea plantations, the local markets and others.

Now that you do know how to travel to Colombo on a budget, you must be feeling very excited to embark on your trip. Thus, here’s wishing you a happy and safe journey ahead!