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Best Indian food in Kuala Lumpur

photo by CC user Terence Ong on wikimedia commons

Looking for the best Indian food in Kuala Lumpur on your trip to Malaysia? The four restaurants in this article will allow you to experience the best dishes of this cuisine outside the Subcontinent…

1) Ganga Deli and Café

Located outside of the touristy centre of KL, Ganga Deli and Cafe is a locals secret that can be found in the neighbourhood of Bangsar, about a kilometre west of the Mid Valley commuter rail station.

Upon stepping into its interior, it can be easy to dismiss this place, as its spartan appearance and lack of décor can lead one to believe that the quality of the cuisine here is similarly mediocre.

However, the opposite is true, as all the energy and resources of this restaurant is directed towards the quality of its dishes, as it exclusively serves vegan offerings that will change your opinion towards this code of eating.

2) Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju

Looking for a place in Bangsar with dishes that cater towards those looking to consume meat or other animal products?

Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju is the establishment you’ll want to check out instead. Here, Southern Indian cuisine is the specialty, with a variety of curries, lentils, and pickled vegetables being served atop a banana leaf.

While one can dine out front on its porch, it also has an air-conditioned interior that can help you retreat from the worst of KL’s muggy days.

3) Fierce Curry House Bangsar

Easily accessible from Bangsar station, one of many available within Kuala Lumpur’s robust mass transit system, the Fierce Curry House is a wonderful place to get your fill of some of the best dishes that the Subcontinent has to offer.

While its namesake meal is wonderful, this place is also well known for its biryani rice. Another great choice is its banana leaf rice combo, which gives you a full array of South Indian foods for the low price of 6 Malaysian Ringgit (roughly $2 USD).

4) Delhi Royale

Want a place that is fancier than the hole in the wall suggestions in the rest of this article? Delhi Royale fits that profile to a T, though it will still keep your final bill to a reasonably low amount.

Despite the huge menu, the quality of food remains high from the front page to the back, defying a convention that states that the more items a menu offers, the worse a place is at cooking any of the meals contained therein.

Located in the heart of KL, it is the perfect place to end your trip in Malaysia on a high note.

A culinary guide to New Delhi, India

photo by CC user feastguru_kirti on Flickr

India has many attractions that draw visitors from abroad to its shores, as it contains temples, beaches, mountains and modern attractions of all types. From Mumbai in the south, to Leh in the far north, you’ll find yourself occupied almost every moment you spend in this country.

But perhaps no city is as captivating as the one where you’ll you likely begin your Indian adventure. New Delhi is an unforgettable city, filled with all sorts of sights that will have you doing double and triple takes.

However, being the federal capital has endowed it with a wealth of food and drink that make it the perfect place to sample all the cuisine that India has to offer.

Here’s what you need to try during your time in New Delhi, and where you can go to find it…

1) Tandoori Chicken (Karim’s)

One the most distinctive dishes to those visiting India from the West is Tandoori Chicken, as its slightly spicy and sweet red hue makes it one of the most recognizable meals in this culinary tradition.

There are many places across New Delhi where you can find the ubiquitous clay pots in which this meal is slow cooked, but the one spot we recommend is Karim’s, a restaurant so popular that it has spawned multiple franchises across the city.

The original location is the best though, as it is located within a short stroll from the Jama Masjid.

2) Galawati Kebabs (Indian Accent)

Created for a king that had lost his teeth, but not his appetite for gourmet food, trying out a Galawati Kebab is a must for visitors to Delhi.

Crafted from lamb, mutton, veal or beef, and using papaya and a bewildering amount of spices (the royal recipe from which the current one is descended reportedly used up to 150) to make the meat melt-in-your-mouth tender, you may find yourself ordering seconds.

Indian Accent is the restaurant in New Delhi that really nails this recipe in our humble opinion, as its kitchen staff are deeply skilled in the culinary arts.

This achievement has been validated by being named a top 50 restaurant in the world in 2015 by the website, “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants”, which is a web property run by Diner’s Club, which has established a great deal of authority in the culinary niche over its decades of existence.

3) Aloo Tikki (Natraj)

Seeking out fare that is a bit more modest, but no less satisfying? Aloo Tikki is a favorite of Indians rich or poor, and is a popular street dish that draws crowds around carts that make the best version of this potato based snack.

Served with mint, tamarind sauce and yoghurt, the most popular vendor of this meal in New Delhi is Natraj, which is a food cart that has built up a solid clientele over 75 years of business.

The Aloo Tikki they dish up has a crispness that will have you understanding the lines that form in front of its cart from the moment you take your first bite of it.

Argentine dishes you must try while in Buenos Aires

photo by CC user Marcelo Teson  on Flickr

Heading to Buenos Aires this Austral spring? October and November is the best time to be in the Paris of the South, as temperatures hover in the low 20’s (Celsius), and the warm sun makes patio drinking and dining a popular pastime after the chilly winter months.

While you are surfing from one establishment to another, be sure to try the following Argentine dishes…

1) Asado

With the Pampas and Patagonia brimming with cattle, the supply of top quality beef in Argentina will have you plying your stomach with the best cow you have eaten in your life at prices you won’t be able to comprehend.

The steaks here are often cut from a cross containing the entire animal, which roasts over a sizable fire. Those seeking the best asado will find it at Don Julio’s in Palmero, or at La Brigada in San Telmo.

2) Empanada de carne

While empanadas are a common savory pastry treat that can be found all over Latin America, many consider the ones that come out of Argentina to be the best of the lot.

Once you sink your teeth into an empanada de carne for the first time, the special care that the ground beef has been treated to during cooking will be apparent as their flavor hits your taste buds. Cooked with onions and variety of spices (chili powder, cumin, and paprika are common), it is a snack you’ll want to have at the first available opportunity.

Look for the best empanadas in Buenos Aires at El Sanjuanino, which has locations in both Palermo and Recoleta.

3) Argentine pizza

Many Argentinians trace their lineage back to Italy, and when you look around at the fine architecture, aggressive driving habits of the locals, and multiple gelato shops in nearly every neighborhood, it’s not hard to believe that.

This extends to pizza as well, which is almost as widely eaten as asado these days. Despite their love of these pies being related to their Italian roots, that is where similarities end.

As Argentine pizza evolved, the crust became thicker than its Italian progenitor, and cheese became the dominant topping, with many pies resembling a disc of mozzarella.

For those brave enough to try though, the cheese melts easily in your mouth, and the ingredients underneath reveal a love of freshness that mirrors their ancestor’s belief’s when it comes to food.

The subject of where one gets the best pizza in Buenos Aires has sparked fist fights in the past, but seeing how we can hide behind a keyboard, we recommend that you head to Banchero in the downtown core, or Pirillo in San Telmo.