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Best destinations to meet other single travelers

Vietnam is one of the best destinations to meet other single travelers

Photo by CC user MrTMan on Flickr

Want to go traveling, but can’t convince your friends to come with you? If you don’t feel comfortable exploring the world without the accompaniment of others, know that the inherent nature of travel means that you will bond easier with people by the virtue of being by yourself.

If you are down with this, but you still don’t feel like planning the logistics of a journey like the independently minded backpackers in your life, you can go on a singles holiday abroad instead.

This will put you together with like-minded people from around the world that also want the nuts and bolts of their travels plotted out by a facilitator. As a result, you will be free to spend your time mingling with your group, allowing you to make friends over dinner, activities and nights spent out at the bar.

Now that you know you can go traveling anytime you like and not have to worry about its hassles, we will now talk about a few countries that will help you get the most bang for your hard earned money.

1) Vietnam

It is very easy to meet other single travelers throughout Southeast Asia, but if you are looking to have a variety of amazing experiences and save money at the same time, make Vietnam your base in the region.

From the throbbing nightlife of Saigon and Nha Trang to the peaceful nature found in the Mekong Delta and the Central Highlands, there are plenty of opportunities to meet other single travelers that are also in the process of discovering themselves.

With tons of wonderful street food that costs less than five dollars for two people, getting dinner with someone that you met on the road is a very affordable thing to do as well.

2) Morocco

Located a short ferry ride away from Spain, visiting Morocco is a convenient way to see your first country in Africa if you are already traveling in southern Europe.

There are many intoxicating sights that will both amaze and shock you, which will inevitably lead to many interesting conversations that you will have with fellow single travelers back at your accommodation.

The beaches of Agadir will allow you plenty of space to socialize under the sun, while the unique architecture and culture of Fez will inspire those that seek to learn more about this intriguing culture in North Africa.

3) Croatia

If you are looking to make new travel friends while exploring Europe, make sure that you include Croatia in your itinerary.

The islands located off the coast of this country has developed a reputation for being a haven for partiers, making them the perfect place to meet new people in a festive atmosphere.

Hvar is the best known of the bunch, though Pag, Brac, and Rab also have a buzz about them. On the mainland, the cities of Dubrovnik and Split provides an epic backdrop to explore the history of Central Europe together with newly found travel mates.

Given that Dubrovnik formed the background for a number of episodes of the television series Game of Thrones, it will be a place that you will end up getting lost in for days or even weeks at a time.

Best cultural attractions in Morocco

photo by CC user Luc Viatour on wikimedia commons

Want to have the best possible experience during your travels in North Africa? These best cultural attractions in Morocco will give you an idea of how life is in this exotic part of the globe…

1) The Medina of Marrakech

So long as you are willing to gird yourself for the onslaught of sales pitches and hard sells that come with walking through here, the Medina of Marrakech is one of Morocco’s greatest cultural attractions.

In addition to the merchants that peddle everything from pots to carpets, there are snake charmers, buskers and musicians available to entertain you as you make your way through the organized chaos that defines this almost sacred public space.

2) Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

Some may decry the city of Casablanca, as while it was the subject of a very popular classic film in the mid 20th century, it appears on the surface to contain very little to do. Those that take care to peel back its upper layers will find that there is more to this place than it seems at first blush, as it is home to the Hassan II Mosque, which is one of the nation’s most beloved religious sights.

Sprawling over two hectares and taking over 10,000 workers to complete over its construction, the marble courtyards, arches and minarets will wow you with their brilliance. Just be sure to dress in a respectable manner, as exposed shoulders, cleavage and knees will bar you entrance to this very holy place.

3) The neighborhood of Oudaias Kasbah in Rabat

Looking to experience how life is for the locals in Morocco? A gorgeous place to do just that is in the neighbourhood of Oudaias Kasbah in Rabat. Coloured in bright hues of blue and white, Oudaias Kasbah is the kind of place that photographers dream about when they go to bed at night.

Even if you are a bit of an amateur, it is very difficult to take a bad shot here. Just be sure to ask the permission of locals before snapping their portrait, as it is very disrespectful to attempt to do so on the sly.

4) The tannery pits of Fes

If you want to jump straight into the tough reality of Moroccan work culture, then dropping by the tannery pits of Fes is the best way to go about this. Be forewarned: it smells bad here … terribad.

But you’ll see how countless residents of Fes scratch together enough money to keep going from day to day: by dying leather in pits that stink to the high heavens.

If you don’t appreciate your situation at home after this, we don’t know what to tell you.

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