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Get away to Meribel for an epic spring skiing holiday

Want to inject some excitement into your routine? You don’t have to wait until summer to do that, as a trip to Meribel in France is a great way to satiate your lust for life.

Even if you aren’t an accomplished snowsports athlete, there are plenty of apres ski options in this town to heat things up after dark.

Let’s delve into the details of how you can make this trip an amazing one…

Take care of your accommodations

The first thing you should do before even stepping on a plane to the French Alps is to take care of your accommodations.

There is more to figuring this step beforehand than merely creating peace of mind – you want to lock up a place that will give you a great venue to create travel memories.

Otherwise, you’ll just end up with a place to sleep, which can be a buzz kill depending on the place that you end up getting stuck with.

If you book a catered ski chalet, you’ll get a place where you can relax and continue socializing after your day on the slopes has concluded, which can make the difference between a good holiday and an epic one.

In the midst of The Three Valleys

While many come to Meribel specifically for the parties, others actually look forward to the snowsports that they will be participating in during daylight hours.

Some in your group will be content coasting down the occasional easy and intermediate run between drinks, but others require more action.

If you count yourself among the latter group, you will be pleased to learn that Meribel is part of The Three Valleys, an alliance of local hills that have combined their runs and lifts to allow their customers to ride each other’s terrain.

As a result, you will find plenty of advanced and unique trails to soar down during your time in this corner of the French Alps.

Soak up the sun

One of the benefits of spring skiing is that the sun is starting to steepen its angle in the atmosphere from March onward.

This means that you get to ride the slopes of Meribel without having to risk freezing temperatures like you might during the core winter months.

On some days, you can doff your winter coat and soar down the mountain in a t-shirt (or less, as you might see), as the mercury soars well above ten degrees Celsius.

As you will find out, there are few things better in life than skiing/boarding in these temperatures, then retiring to a mountainside patio to enjoy drinks in the sun.

One of the best apres-ski scenes in Europe

Why stop the party when the ski patrol makes you leave the hill? Fortunately, you will have plenty of options in the Meribel village, as this town has made its name on the strength of its apres ski scene.

From pubs and nightclubs that cater to the college crowd, to upscale wine bars that attract a more sophisticated crowd, this town has something for everyone, so take some time to find your scene here and you’ll surely discover it.

Best mountains for an epic snow holiday in the French Alps

La Plagne is one of the Best mountains for an epic snow holiday in the French Alps

Photo by CC user Stuart Pollock on Wikimedia Commons

With winter having arrived across much of Europe, the time to plan an epic snow holiday is now. Fortunately, the French Alps is not that far away.

This magical place is home to scores of snow resorts, which collectively offer something for every skill level and interest.

With many of these resorts offering chalets for rent, you might not even have to go that far to board your chair lift in the morning, as the front door of some of them are only located a few yards from the loading zone.

Which mountains in France are the place to be this season? Check out our suggestions below…

1) La Plagne

If you are looking for a snow resort with serious social atmosphere, then you will want to consider booking your snow holiday at La Plagne.

With over two and a half million visitors per winter, it is easily the most popular snow destination in the French Alps.

With 72 intermediate runs, this ski area is best for the recreational skier that has some experience but doesn’t hit the slopes enough to ski expert runs comfortably.

It is a convenient place to be, as you can stay in a chalet right in La Plagne that will put you in the middle of its thriving entertainment district.

Some chalets here have direct chairlift access, allowing their occupants to enjoy the convenience of staying in a ski-in/ski-out accommodation.

2) Courchevel

If having access to the world’s most robust selection of ski and snowboard trails is important, then you might want to spend your snow holiday in Courchevel.

This resort is part of the Three Valleys, which is a network of snow resorts that have linked their trails together.

Because of this arrangement, skiers and snowboarders staying here have access to over 600 kilometers worth of pistes.

Courchevel is also well-known among the world’s elite, meaning that you might be able to spot A-list celebrities and other important figures while you are out on the slopes here.

3) Meribel

Looking for excellent skiing, but also want to party hard after the day is done? If letting your hair down and raging until the sun comes up is near the top of your list of priorities, then booking a chalet in Meribel is a must.

This resort is part of the Three Valleys system of ski trails, making it a great spot for snow sports enthusiasts, but it is also well-known for having the best apres-ski scenes in the French Alps for many years running.

By night, you can wander the streets of the village and stumble into countless pubs, bars, and nightclubs where you can meet that special someone, or you can simply have several pints with your friends after a fun day on the slopes.

Coolest cafes in Nice, France

photo by CC user biwook on Flickr

Seeking out the coolest cafes in Nice, France? The suggestions that we have come up with below will ensure that your coffee runs will be anything but mundane while you are in one of French Riviera’s most storied cities.

1) Le 36 Bonap

If you have the worst craving … like … EVER, for a bagel while strolling the streets of Nice, you’ll find sweet relief within the confines of Le 36 Bonap. This clean and cozy spot also does a steady and consistent trade in sandwiches, so whether you need breakfast to start your day or a lunch refueling stop, this cafe will be equal to the task.

2) Le Sweeties

Perhaps it is your sweet tooth that needs to be silenced? If so, then the appropriately named ‘Le Sweeties’ will be the shop that will fill your needs adequately. The very friendly service here will stand in contrast to the cold shoulder that many travelers can sometimes encounter during their time in France, and with its location being hidden away from tourist masses down a neatly hidden alley, you can find the refuge that you might need during the course of your day.

3) Le Comptoir De L’Imaginaire

Those looking for a bit of artsy inspiration while slowly sipping their cappuccino will find the environs of Le Comptoir De L’Imaginaire to be suitable for this purpose, as its unique décor and meals will prove to be the ideal companion for your cup of coffee. Another reason to lounge for awhile: the presence of a 3D printer … come see the future of creation make itself before your very eyes!

4) A Table

Want to pair for cravings for caffeine with some of France’s best bistro-style meals? A Table is a great place to enjoy both aspects, as it pairs quality coffee with dishes made from scratch with organic ingredients. Its abundant gluten free options make it a great place for breakfast for those that actively avoid this ingredient in food, while maintaining price points that are more than reasonable.

5) Nice Life International Cafe and Meeting Place

Identify as a vegan? The Nice Life International Cafe and Meeting Place caters to those that eschew all animal products, making it the perfect place for you to fuel up on caffeine while in Nice. Of all the dishes that serve, the apple curry lentil soup comes high recommended, as do their macha lattes, but no matter your preferences, their expansive menu will ensure that something you enjoy is available.