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What You Need To Know When Travelling Through Nottingham

Whether you’re planning to explore the city or simply stopping for a break as you travel onwards there’s a lot you need to know when travelling through Nottingham. Found in the East Midlands to the north of London Nottingham is a city with a rich history.

People all around the world know the story of Robin Hood and characters like him and the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham have made Nottingham a very popular place to visit. You can even visit Sherwood Forest and the many other famous landmarks around the city.

Because of its close proximity to London Nottingham is also a popular stop for backpackers and travellers who are passing through to make it to the capital. So what do you need to know while travelling through Nottingham?

Public Transport    

Nottingham’s public transport includes buses, trains, cycling routes and a tram network and they are widely regarded as being some of the best public transport services in the UK. Buses travel all around the city while the tram network travels to neighbouring towns and Nottingham University.

New cycling paths and routes have also been introduced in Nottingham which traverses the city centre and also a number of popular tourist spots like the Nottingham canals. Trains are available at various train stations around the city and there’s a train direct to London every 30 minutes.

If you’re traveling by car then Nottingham is perfectly located near the M1 motorway and the A1 motorway which travels from Edinburgh to London actually passes through the city. Thanks to its diverse range of transport links and options Nottingham was named as the least car-dependent city in the UK.

If you prefer to just walk around to see then the sights then good news because there’s a wide range of hotels in the city centre. So you’ll only have a short journey into the heart of the city.

Where Can You Stay 

Nottingham might not seem to have the same allure as London at first glance but when you consider the amazing history of the city and look at all the great things you can do it’s easy to see why it’s a popular city to visit. Because of this, you’ll find a variety of different accommodation options on offer in the city that will suit any budget.

Finding a cheap hotel in Nottingham city centre might not take as long as you’d think as there are plenty of deals available for short stays in the city. Hotels range from standard two-star bed and breakfasts to luxurious five-star hotels, so you’ll be sure to find whatever accommodation you want.

If you want to avoid hotels then there are also a number of hostels in Nottingham and many are close to the city centre as well. Whatever your budget there are plenty of accommodation options in Nottingham.

What To See and Do? 

Because of all the travel options in Nottingham getting around the city is simple and easy so even if you’re only staying for a short while or just traveling through there’s still a lot you can see and do. If your hotel is in the city centre then you can just walk to many of Nottingham’s great malls and shopping districts.

The Nottingham countryside is a must for nature lovers and there’s a variety of museums and historical sites to explore including the famous Nottingham castle which is the home of the cities Robin Hood monument. And you can’t really visit Nottingham without taking a short journey through Sherwood Forest, can you?

Whether you want to hit the shops or immerse yourself in Nottingham’s rich history and culture there’s a lot to explore and do to keep you occupied. And even if you’re just traveling through you can still squeeze a lot into a short stay.

Horse Riding is the Most Preferred Activity of the Holidaymakers  

As summer holidays are just around the corner, people are looking forward to their favorite outdoor activity. In this regard, a survey was conducted recently, which revealed that one of the most well-liked outdoor activities people would be anxious to try during holidays this year is horse riding. The holidaymakers love to indulge in country getaways with almost quarter (24%) of them said they would like to give it a try.

Experts at Blue Chip Holidays carried out a survey and asked 1,228 Britishers holidaying in the UK about the activities they would be interested to try. Most of them were eager to try horse riding during their holidays, whereas cycling and rambling were the second most favourite activity of the holidaymakers. Astonishingly, amongst people aged between 25 and 65 sailing was the least preferred.

The following results were concluded after asking respondents, what activity they are most likely to carry out this holiday.

  1. Horse riding – (24%)
  2. Cycling – (21%)
  3. Rambling – (20%)
  4. Surfing – (19%)
  5. Sailing – (16%)

Going into details of these results, we found a difference in gender preferences. Male participants were more interested in cycling (24%) and surfing (21%), whereas women were more interested in horse riding (26.5%) as their preferred activity during holidays. This could be because of the romantic concept associated with riding off into the sunset with a companion. Rambling (20.7%), cycling (19%), and surfing (18.7%) were also among women’s favourite pastimes.

Approximately one third (32%) of those exceeding the age of 65 stated they would be happy ramble in the beautiful landscapes, whereas only 16.2% were willing to try something taxing and exhausting such as cycling.

Brand and Communications Manager for Blue Chip Holidays, Tori Kirwan-Taylor in reference to the above survey stated that the beautiful landscapes and fresh air of serene countryside across UK are of no match to the bustling city life and so are the ideal spots for holidays to relax or be physically active. As proven by the survey, the most popular activities amongst UK residents are ones that can be enjoyed in the countryside – horse riding and rambling in particular. There is no doubt that the British love affair with the countryside will never cease to grow.