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Cafes for digital nomads in Saigon

photo by CC user Takeaway on wikimedia

With an exploding entrepreneurial culture and an internet infrastructure that is in the running for having the fastest speeds in the region, Saigon has become a hub for digital nomads seeking a big city destination at close to Chiang Mai prices.

The following cafes for digital nomads in Saigon will help you keep your productivity in overdrive in environments that are inspiring, while enjoying coffee that is world class.

1) M2C Cafe

Located on Ly Tu Trong in District 1, M2C is a stylish option for those seeking an inspiring environment in which to produce high quality writing. With modern design elements mixing with some of the frothiest cappuccinos that you have ever tried, it is no wonder that this spot has quickly become popular among the trend following youth of Saigon, as well as countless expats and digital nomads.

2) Thoai Vien Cafe

While the heat and humidity can make sitting outside in Saigon a dicey prospect at certain points of the year, it is actually quite pleasant during the dry season.

At times like this, head to garden terraces at places like the Thoai Vien Cafe, as there is no better place to get some serious work done than in a spot where fountains and lush greenery create a setting of serenity.

While most of these types of cafes are rare in tourist heavy District 1, Thoai Vien is a rare exception to this rule … find it at 159 Nguyen Van Thu.

3) The Workshop

Serving as a popular place for local professionals and foreign entrepreneurs to kick out a ton of work in a supportive environment, The Workshop has become a locus of activity in the short time that it has been open over the past year or so.

The drink that keeps their clientele coming back for more: their outstanding espresso and aeropress coffees, as the kick that comes from the best beans to come out of the Vietnamese hills fuels these ambitious workers to produce their best possible effort on behalf of themselves.

4) Sorrento Cafe

If spending time in Thoai Vien has you looking to experience more garden cafes, head out to District 10 to experience wonder that is Sorrento Cafe.

Their courtyard, filled with greenery, reflecting pools and decorative rock gardens will provide you with the solace to calm your mind when your work projects become too much to bear.

Additionally, the cheery staff will provide you with the opportunity for cultural exchange that you sought by traveling overseas in the first place.