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Catch a Coffee at these Top 5 Dublin Cafés

Dublin Coffee
The massive improvement in the quality and consistency of coffee offered in cafés, bars and restaurants in Dublin has to be tasted to be believed. If you’re over in Dublin for the weekend or a few days talking to clients, you don’t have time to waste trawling through the multiplicity of great cafés.

So let us focus in on the best Dublin cafés so you can get straight to enjoying a latte with all the trimmings as soon as you drop your bags in a comfortable budget hotel like Travelodge Dublin Hotels. Here’s our list of Top 5 Dublin Cafés where you should catch a coffee at this year.

1: Proper Order

Just off Smithfield Square in central Dublin, and a relatively new entrant into the vibrant Dublin coffee scene, Proper Order is a serious proposition for serious coffee lovers. It takes its cue from the local area with a relaxed atmosphere and minimalist décor but has a self-declared aim of bringing some of the world’s best coffee roasters to the attention of Dublin caffeine addicts.

A multi-roaster café showcasing roasters from around Europe and America, Proper Order doesn’t just offer great coffee in Dublin but also provides all the gadgets coffee-making nerds could ever wish for. And they’re put to good use by the expert baristas in store if the awards festooning the café are anything to go by. Add to a great location and cool interiors great cakes including splendid gluten-free treats from local Camerino Bakery and you have a superb start to our list of top 5 cafés in Dublin.

2: 3Fe

3Fe or Third Floor Coffee comes with an impressive pedigree as it was founded by Irish barista champion Colin Harmon whose self-roasted coffee beans and guest filters have percolated through its many coffee competitors in Dublin.

Located on Grand Canal Street Lower the superb 3Fe coffee is the draw but caffeine hounds can also explore the tasting menu with all kinds of excellent sandwiches and cakes if you fancy your coffee accompanied. But why spoil the taste of this wonderful handcrafted coffee? If you want to educate yourself in the delicacies and intricacies of coffee, then 3Fe also runs classes for professional baristas and those who just want to improve their coffee making at home.

3: Vice Coffee Inc. at Wigwam

Another multi-roaster coffee shop within the Wigwam emporium on Middle Abbey Street. The location turns into a hip live music venue in the evening but during the day there’s plenty of hop in the coffee provided by Vice Coffee. With roasters from Ireland like 3FE, Squaremile and Koppi as well as from further afield, Vice provides a great coffee experience in Dublin. The Dublin Doughnut Co.’s contribution to the perfect coffee isn’t shabby either and there is no better place to hang out in than Vice as you pay for your Friday night sins.

4: Roasted Brown Coffee Company

Temple Bar in Dublin can be a busy place during the day or at night so it’s nice to find a refuge from the crowds in the Curved Street café of the Roasted Brown Coffee Company. This is the headquarters of one of the best Dublin coffee roasters so as you might expect the coffee is top notch while as a location for sipping your mocha while watching the trendy and arty local denizens the Roasted Brown Coffee Company can’t really be bettered.

 5: Coffee Angel

Coffee Angel has a deservedly devoted fan base in Dublin with coffee of the highest-quality being produced and disseminated all over Ireland’s capital city, often in mobile coffee carts. But to enjoy locally-roasted Coffee Angel beans at their very best, make a beeline for its café on Pembroke Street in the city centre. The perfect place to resuscitate tired and hungover bodies the morning after, the Coffee Angel is a heavenly retreat peopled with smiley and friendly staff serving some of the best coffee in Dublin.

Discovering the best coffee in Charlotte, North Carolina

photo by CC user Riction on wikimedia commons

Spending some time in North Carolina soon, and afraid you won’t be able to find some quality caffeine while there? Not to worry, as this post will help you in your quest to discover the best coffee in Charlotte, the biggest city in the state.

Let’s get into the thick of it below…

1) Not Just Coffee

Found within the 7th Street Market, Not Just Coffee is a java joint that will have you crawling back for more once you’ve had a taste of their creations.

One of these that regulars swear by is the caramel latte, which a concoction so good that folks from out of town have remarked that a big reason they look forward to visiting Charlotte again is the fact that they would get to sample this coffee during their time here.

All of their coffee beans are also from single origin distributors, a fact that will make socially aware customers happy as they sip back some of the best quality java in the city of Charlotte.

2) Smelly Cat Coffee

Creatively named after Phoebe’s favorite song from the TV sitcom Friends, Smelly Cat Coffee is well known for its excellent outdoor patio, as well as its signature drink, the soy dirty chai.

Inside, the seating arrangement favors socializing, as well as laptop toting digital nomads, with the latter group being well catered for with abundant electrical outlets and privacy screens.

The clientele trends towards the hipster side of things, but if that doesn’t put you off, this place shouldn’t be missed.

3) Central Coffee Company

Looking for a cafe in Charlotte that can nail latte art like no other? If this is an important factor to you when it comes to coffee shops, then the Central Coffee Company will be your best option when visiting North Carolina’s biggest city.

While its lattes are as quality as the brilliantly arranged foam that tops it, make sure you have one of their quiches if you’re here around lunch time. Between meals, the zucchini bread is great to gnaw on if you need something to tide you over until lunch or dinner.

4) The Daily Press

If you’re looking for a space that is great for relaxing in day and night, The Daily Press is a wonderful place to situate yourself. Located in the same place as the Evening Muse, an arty nightspot, you can work away the afternoon in a trendy spot, and then seamlessly transition into socializing after the sun sets. Be sure to try the spiced Butterbeer cappuccino!

Best cafes in Seattle for a rainy day

photo by CC user Visitor7 on wikimedia commons

Heading to the Emerald City this winter? While this modern American city will amaze you with its numerous attractions, this time of year is infamous for days, even weeks of near-continuous rain. What are the best cafes in Seattle for a rainy day?

This article sheds light on this very topic…

1) Analog Coffee

A favorite among local residents on Summit Avenue in the desirable Seattle neighbourhood of Capitol Hill, Analog Coffee looks like the kind of place where you’d expect local hipsters in the know to hang out.

The décor in this establishment bears this initial impression out, as the record player spins vinyl records of amazing independent and/or Seattle bands/musicians, and the reading racks contain a fine collection of inspired material apart from the usual assortment of local and national newspapers.

Be sure to try the espresso from Herkimer (a local roaster), or if you’re there later in the day, a tall cold glass of draft from one of their beer taps.

2) Espresso By Design

If you find yourself wandering around Georgetown during your visit in Seattle, then a coffee stop you can’t afford to miss is Espresso By Design.

Located close to the Seattle Design Center, this java shack is usually filled with creatives, making it a good place for artsy types to congregate when visiting from out of town.

If the rain lets up during your time here, the garden in front of the property or the rooftop is the best place to sit, but if the Pineapple Express from Hawaii refuses to relent its damp assault, the artwork found within its interior seating area makes for a good environment for imbibing caffeinated beverages.

3) Cloud City Cafe

Located in the northeastern Seattle neighbourhood of Maple Leaf, the Cloud City Cafe that combines a passion for tea with a family friendly atmosphere.

If you find yourself feeling extra lonely on a dark rainy day in Seattle (low serotonin is such a drag), this place is the perfect spot to make new connections, as its community tables make it easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

4) Caffe Ladro

If going to a cafe that knows their coffee inside and out matters to you, then Caffe Ladro will prove to be a worthwhile stop on your Seattle coffee tour.

Having spent decades building relationships with suppliers and vendors throughout the city, this institution in the neighbourhood of Queen Anne will blow your socks off with their caffeinated concoctions.

Their perpetually packed seating area is testament to this, so be patient when you are waiting in line at this special shop.