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Best coffee shops in Geneva

photo by CC user Lional Rajappa on wikimedia commons

Heading to Switzerland soon, and want the 411 on the best coffee shops in Geneva? This article will profile four of our favorite cafes of the moment, so you won’t be left guessing during your time in this cute Swiss city…

1) Cafe Restaurant du Parc des Bastions

Dating back to the 19th century, Cafe Restaurant du Parc des Bastions drips history in the same way that its java does.

With an expansive terrace that shines on glorious summer days, and a grand interior that serves as a cosy retreat come winter, this place feels how an Old World European should.

While it has the prices to match, and the cost of quality means that you might wait a bit longer for your food and coffee, the experience of spending a lunch/brunch here is well worth hanging out for a while.

2) Cafe de la Presse

Formerly a favorite with area newspaper journalists that used to feverish work on stories while sipping an espresso (no longer as the internet wreaks havoc on paper media outlets everywhere), Cafe de la Presse still retains the atmosphere it had through the decor that details its rich past.

The menu serves up simple Italian dishes to go with its wide offerings on the coffee and pastry front, and if you have a love for sports, you’ll love the fact that you can watch the latest football match while you enjoy breakfast or lunch.

Out late on the weekends and need to sober up? This place opens at 4 am, making it the perfect place to pick up a perk-me-up.

3) Remor

Perfectly positioned in Plainpalais with an outdoor patio that makes people watching a breeze, Remor is another great option to while away a summer afternoon in Geneva in style.

Founded by ice cream artisans in the early 20th century, this place remains famous for its delectable selection of the frozen treat, which also includes sorbets, and with abundant free wi-fi and late night screenings of movies by local cinematographers, it serves as a magnet for art lovers and young people.

4) Les Recyclables

Bibliophiles will love Les Recyclables, as this cafe also serves as a second hand bookstore. In keeping with the academic aesthetic of this coffee shop, readings and lectures are a regular occurrence, as are musical performances from artists from a variety of genres. The food is quite excellent as well, so be sure to stop by on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for brunch in this awesome Swiss city.

Discovering the best coffee in Charlotte, North Carolina

photo by CC user Riction on wikimedia commons

Spending some time in North Carolina soon, and afraid you won’t be able to find some quality caffeine while there? Not to worry, as this post will help you in your quest to discover the best coffee in Charlotte, the biggest city in the state.

Let’s get into the thick of it below…

1) Not Just Coffee

Found within the 7th Street Market, Not Just Coffee is a java joint that will have you crawling back for more once you’ve had a taste of their creations.

One of these that regulars swear by is the caramel latte, which a concoction so good that folks from out of town have remarked that a big reason they look forward to visiting Charlotte again is the fact that they would get to sample this coffee during their time here.

All of their coffee beans are also from single origin distributors, a fact that will make socially aware customers happy as they sip back some of the best quality java in the city of Charlotte.

2) Smelly Cat Coffee

Creatively named after Phoebe’s favorite song from the TV sitcom Friends, Smelly Cat Coffee is well known for its excellent outdoor patio, as well as its signature drink, the soy dirty chai.

Inside, the seating arrangement favors socializing, as well as laptop toting digital nomads, with the latter group being well catered for with abundant electrical outlets and privacy screens.

The clientele trends towards the hipster side of things, but if that doesn’t put you off, this place shouldn’t be missed.

3) Central Coffee Company

Looking for a cafe in Charlotte that can nail latte art like no other? If this is an important factor to you when it comes to coffee shops, then the Central Coffee Company will be your best option when visiting North Carolina’s biggest city.

While its lattes are as quality as the brilliantly arranged foam that tops it, make sure you have one of their quiches if you’re here around lunch time. Between meals, the zucchini bread is great to gnaw on if you need something to tide you over until lunch or dinner.

4) The Daily Press

If you’re looking for a space that is great for relaxing in day and night, The Daily Press is a wonderful place to situate yourself. Located in the same place as the Evening Muse, an arty nightspot, you can work away the afternoon in a trendy spot, and then seamlessly transition into socializing after the sun sets. Be sure to try the spiced Butterbeer cappuccino!