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Inspiring cruises that you should take in 2017

Itineraries that include the Faroe Islands are part of the cruises that you should take in 2017

Photo by CC user Erik Christensen on Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to relaxation, no travel provider gets it right as often as cruise lines. Built to take much of the guesswork out of travel while allowing its passengers to kick back and unwind, signing up for one in 2017 could prove to be a great reward for a job well done in your career, or to mark a special occasion in your life.

So, if you are looking to go on an amazing world cruise or on one in a specific part of the globe, check out the suggestions that we have for you below.

1) Faroe Islands/Iceland/Greenland

If visiting chilly landscapes is something that intrigues you, then taking a cruise route that will take you through the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland will provide you with plenty of amazing destinations to visit.

Discovered and populated over the years by descendants of the Vikings, the inhabitants of these three islands will charm you with their hospitality.

Equally captivating is their desolate but beautiful landscapes, as they have plenty of waterfalls, glaciers, and volcanoes that will provide plenty of photo opportunities.

Don’t miss the chance to visit hot springs like the Blue Lagoon when in Iceland, as their steamy waters will allow you to relax after the high volume of attractions that you will visit during the course of this cruise.

2) Eastern Canada

With our Canadian cousins celebrating their 150th year of nationhood, there is no better time to discover some of its cities and attractions than now.

There are cruises departing from the British Isles that call on cities such as St. John’s (considered by many to be the oldest city in North America), Halifax (home to the greatest concentration of drinking establishments in Canada), Charlottetown (the city where Canada was born), and Montreal (the largest French-speaking city in the world outside France).

From charming multi-coloured houses in St. John’s, to the presence of an 18th century citadel in the middle of Halifax, there is plenty of history and culture to be witnessed in this part of the country, making it a great cruise for those concerned with these topics.

3) Caribbean/Brazilian Amazon/Azores

If you are looking for a cruise itinerary that includes warmer destinations, then signing up for one that takes you through the islands of the Caribbean, into the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, and a stop in the Azores on the way home should be considered.

The gorgeous vistas of Saint Lucia (The Pitons), the decadent beaches of Barbados, the intense flora and fauna of the Amazon, and the temperate paradise of the mid-Atlantic Azores archipelago will all be on the schedule during this 42-night odyssey.

If you are looking for adventure you’ll never forget, start setting aside money for this sailing.

4) Around the world epic adventure

Want to tick off a huge bucket list item? Consider going on an around the world cruise. While these journeys take 121 nights (quite a bit longer than going around the world in 80 days), and cost in excess of $13,000 per person at a minimum, pulling together the money and time to make this trip happen will give you and any travel partners memories that will last a lifetime.

Visiting places such as the Caribbean, Colombia, French Polynesia, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean will give you tonnes of different experiences, so if you can pull it off, what are you waiting for?

What to see and do on a winter road trip in Western Canada

Wondering what to see and do on a winter road trip in Western Canada? Banff heads our list.

Photo by CC user hansiline on Pixabay

While most travelers see Canada during the summer months, there is a beauty to this country that can only be witnessed by those that visit during the winter.

While Western Canada is far from the warmest place in the world during this time, if you bundle up and make the most of what this region has to offer, this trip will rank among the best that you have ever taken.

Don’t worry about transportation, as you can rent a car when you get there. With many options available, you will be able to secure a reliable vehicle in Canada that will be able to handle anything that Mother Nature throws at you.

Here’s what you should see on a winter road trip through western Canada…

1) Go up the Banff Gondola

Located an hour and 15 minutes west of the city of Calgary on the Trans-Canada Highway, Banff will likely be your first destination on your Western Canadian road trip.

There are many things to do here, from shopping along Banff Avenue to soaking in the Upper Hot Springs.

If you are looking for an epic vantage point to take a killer photograph, look no further than Sulfur Mountain.

While you can head up the mountain trail if you have equipment such as crampons and hiking poles, you can also ride the Banff Gondola to the summit.

While the views are incredible in summer, they are even better on a clear winter day, as all the peaks surrounding you will be laden with snow.

2) Hit the slopes in BC’s interior

If you are a skier/snowboarder, you will be spoiled for choice with regards to all the snow resorts you can visit in Alberta and British Columbia.

However, in our opinion, the best options can be found in the BC interior, with Golden, Revelstoke, and Kamloops all having great resorts within close proximity.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is famed for its steep runs, Revelstoke Mountain Resort is known for having the most snow out of any resort in Canada, and Sun Peaks near Kamloops is famous for its champagne powder and bluebird days.

No matter which resort you choose, it is highly likely that you will have a great day out on the slopes.

3) Experience winter in a mountain town

After finishing up in the BC interior, head north along Highway 5 towards Jasper, Alberta. Although it is situated in the midst of one of Canada’s most beautiful national parks, winter is low season in this charming mountain town.

As such, you will be able to have an authentic experience in the Canadian Rockies without most of the annoying disruptions that normally come with being in such a highly touristed place.

Except for weekends, trails and bars alike are filled with locals rather than tourists. If you visit Marmot basin (the local ski hill) during the week, chances are good that you may be the only one to cross your own tracks on some of its more difficult trails.