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Best cafes to visit in Saskatoon

Saskatoon is known by many to be the Paris of the Prairies – while it is a far cry from being the French capital’s spitting image, the South Saskatchewan River and its many bridges help make this town a charming place.

Being a young place filled with college students and young families, this city has more than its share of great places to get coffee and cake. Below, we’ll help you find the best joints. Just a note before we begin: many travellers planning a trip to the Great White North in 2018 are doing so in anticipation of marijuana becoming legal in the country starting July 1st.

Cannabis growing Canada has kicked into overdrive to meet expected demand, but it is important to realize that smoking it in public places may not be allowed. As such, don’t consume any joints outside cafes you visit – go for a long walk well away from buildings and air intakes and enjoy the best grass Saskatoon has to offer.

After smoking, you’ll be jonesing for some pastries to quell your appetite, so be sure hit up the following cafes when in Saskatoon.

1) Little Bird Patisserie & Cafe

Decorated to resemble a French patisserie, Little Bird Patisserie & Cafe does its best to live up to this city’s nickname (mentioned in the intro). More than a place to grab an amazing french press, locals flock here to have brunch on weekends.

They also hold a high tea service in the afternoon – if you decide to participate, be sure to have more than a few of their excellent macaroons.

2) d’Lish by Tish Cafe

Located within walking distance from the University of Saskatchewan, d’Lish by Tish Cafe is a spot with great atmosphere. With homemade food offerings ranging from paninis to cheesecake, you’ll have awesome food accompaniment to go along with your coffee or London Fog tea.

This venue plays host to live music on occasion, so be sure to ask the staff if anyone is due to perform during your visit to Saskatoon.

3) Park Cafe

Prefer to have your coffee in a place that has a diner feel to it? The Park Cafe will fill your need for no-nonsense java and simple but well-prepared brunch fare. Their eggs benny and french toast are raved about by locals, while at lunch, their burgers and Reuben sandwiches get tons of orders.

Despite being constantly busy, this establishment gets food out of the kitchen and onto tables breathtakingly fast – so feel free to drop by for breakfast (served all day) or lunch.

Experience Canada’s best craft brewery destinations on your summer holiday

Canada's best craft brewery destinations will do much to quench your thirst

One of the best developments in food and drink in recent years has been the explosion of craft breweries in cities across North America. Initially, this trend swept across the USA, but it has now taken hold in Canada as well, with most cities developing their own homemade brews.

While most major centres in Canada have a few places worth discovering, the destinations listed below have become known for their burgeoning craft beer scenes.

1) Victoria, BC

Those serious about the history of craft brewing will want to spend time in Victoria. In 1984, Spinnakers opened its doors, making it the first brewpub to open in Canada. It pioneered a scene which has since launched eleven additional establishments.

Canoe Brewpub is a great place to start your exploration of Victoria’s scene, as the beer it brews adheres to German purity laws. What’s more, the food on their menu is diverse, with plenty of veggie-friendly fare to go along with the fare one usually finds at a respectable pub.

Swans is another great choice, as it produces beer that leaves out sugary syrups, which makes for a bitter mouthfeel some craft aficionados may like.

It is easy to get carried away on a beer crawl in Victoria. If you find yourself in bed with a pounding head the next day, pass the time by playing some online games.

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2) Vancouver, BC

Not to be outdone by their rival across the Georgia Strait, Vancouver has developed a craft beer scene of its own, adding yet another dimension to this popular destination.

Making use of disused industrial space and vacant commercial space in edgier neighbourhoods, these establishments have transformed large tracts of Vancouver into happening places for those who love fine food and drink.

Ever since the BC government allowed microbreweries to attach lounges to their operations in 2013, development of these mirth-filled businesses has exploded, with 27 establishments being open within city limits by the end of 2016.

Fill up a growler at Brassneck, enjoy a charcuterie board with your beer at Strathcona Beer Company, and feel like you have discovered a secret inside the non-descript warehouse that holds Strange Fellows Brewing – these are just a few of the amazing places you’ll find on a craft beer crawl in Vancouver.

3) Fredericton, NB

Over on the other coast, the cities of the Maritimes have been catching up to the West Coast in a big way lately.

The unassuming provincial capital of New Brunswick is a classic example of this trend, as Fredericton’s collegiate, art-appreciating populace has made it fertile ground for an explosion of craft brewing concepts.

At first glance, it might seem like a city of 60,000 (which feels more like a town) wouldn’t be able to support ten breweries that turn out beer, cider, and mead, but the growth that has taken place recently has shown no signs of slowing.

Make time to visit the brand new Picaroon’s Roundhouse, a brick and concrete tasting room found at the northern end of Fredericton’s pedestrian bridge. Find yourself downtown? Get in a pint at Greystone, a painfully hip joint which has become the hottest new patio in town.

Inspiring cruises that you should take in 2017

Itineraries that include the Faroe Islands are part of the cruises that you should take in 2017

Photo by CC user Erik Christensen on Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to relaxation, no travel provider gets it right as often as cruise lines. Built to take much of the guesswork out of travel while allowing its passengers to kick back and unwind, signing up for one in 2017 could prove to be a great reward for a job well done in your career, or to mark a special occasion in your life.

So, if you are looking to go on an amazing world cruise or on one in a specific part of the globe, check out the suggestions that we have for you below.

1) Faroe Islands/Iceland/Greenland

If visiting chilly landscapes is something that intrigues you, then taking a cruise route that will take you through the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland will provide you with plenty of amazing destinations to visit.

Discovered and populated over the years by descendants of the Vikings, the inhabitants of these three islands will charm you with their hospitality.

Equally captivating is their desolate but beautiful landscapes, as they have plenty of waterfalls, glaciers, and volcanoes that will provide plenty of photo opportunities.

Don’t miss the chance to visit hot springs like the Blue Lagoon when in Iceland, as their steamy waters will allow you to relax after the high volume of attractions that you will visit during the course of this cruise.

2) Eastern Canada

With our Canadian cousins celebrating their 150th year of nationhood, there is no better time to discover some of its cities and attractions than now.

There are cruises departing from the British Isles that call on cities such as St. John’s (considered by many to be the oldest city in North America), Halifax (home to the greatest concentration of drinking establishments in Canada), Charlottetown (the city where Canada was born), and Montreal (the largest French-speaking city in the world outside France).

From charming multi-coloured houses in St. John’s, to the presence of an 18th century citadel in the middle of Halifax, there is plenty of history and culture to be witnessed in this part of the country, making it a great cruise for those concerned with these topics.

3) Caribbean/Brazilian Amazon/Azores

If you are looking for a cruise itinerary that includes warmer destinations, then signing up for one that takes you through the islands of the Caribbean, into the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, and a stop in the Azores on the way home should be considered.

The gorgeous vistas of Saint Lucia (The Pitons), the decadent beaches of Barbados, the intense flora and fauna of the Amazon, and the temperate paradise of the mid-Atlantic Azores archipelago will all be on the schedule during this 42-night odyssey.

If you are looking for adventure you’ll never forget, start setting aside money for this sailing.

4) Around the world epic adventure

Want to tick off a huge bucket list item? Consider going on an around the world cruise. While these journeys take 121 nights (quite a bit longer than going around the world in 80 days), and cost in excess of $13,000 per person at a minimum, pulling together the money and time to make this trip happen will give you and any travel partners memories that will last a lifetime.

Visiting places such as the Caribbean, Colombia, French Polynesia, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean will give you tonnes of different experiences, so if you can pull it off, what are you waiting for?