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Top hipster cafes in Williamsburg, NYC

The Top hipster cafes in Williamsburg only add to the amazing urban atmosphere found here

Photo by CC user Kichaa on Wikimedia Commons

While coffee shops in London, Sydney, and San Francisco all stake claim to being the coolest in the world, you can’t crown these cities to be the go-to place for hipsters without first making a pilgrimage to Williamsburg.

A neighbourhood within the borough of Brooklyn in New York City, this corner of the Big Apple has made a name for itself due to its innovative restaurants and cafes.

If you are seeking out establishments of the latter kind, be sure to drop by the spots mentioned below.

1) Blue Bottle Coffee

While coffee served on business class flights to New York is known for being rich and flavorful, this indulgence is just a preview to the amazing java that awaits you in hip Williamsburg cafes like Blue Bottle Coffee.

Located on a side street away from the busyness of main thoroughfares, this venue boasts an industrial vibe that gives it the edgy feel that is so en vogue these days.

Prior visitors to this cafe include customers from Italy, some of whom have praised the espresso for being the best they have tasted outside their home country.

2) Swallow Café

A popular neighbourhood hangout on Atlantic Avenue, the Swallow Café combines a stripped-down interior design and friendly staff to create an atmosphere which must be experienced to be properly understood.

On top of this, coffee-crazed visitors from Australia have mentioned that this place gets it right when it comes to crafting the perfect cup of coffee.

The wi-fi is also on point, so if you have work e-mails you need to blaze through to begin your day, this spot is an excellent place to do just that.

3) Freehold

If you are looking to mix a little alcohol with your coffee, plan to meet up with friends at Freehold. Aiming to capture the feel of a hotel lobby, you might initially think that you’ve come to the wrong place.

However, one cup of the house coffee with a croissant will sweep away this suspicion, as this combo has made Freehold a popular morning spot for those who live in the area.

There is more to this place than just java, as you will find out once ‘Happy Hour’ begins at 12 noon. Paired with plenty of foosball and ping-pong tables, pinball machines, and other amusements, you will find it hard to leave this eclectic spot.

4) City of Saints Coffee Roasters

Have special considerations when it comes to your diet? If you do, there are few places better in the world than Williamsburg, as you find tons of coffee shops that not only accommodate vegans and gluten avoiders, but openly embrace them.

As you sip a latte at the bar at City of Saints Coffee Roasters, you’ll have a selection of cookies and desserts that lack gluten, as well as any semblance of animal products.

Combined with hospitable staff and relaxing music, you’ll have a sanctuary away from the noise of the Big Apple where you can curl up with a book and spend an afternoon getting lost within your own head.

Best cafes in Munich

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Heading to Munich on the German part of your Euro Trip this summer? If you want to do more then just drink beer, eat bratwurst, and wear lederhosen, there are many coffee houses that are well worth checking out.

Below, we will lift the veil off the best cafes in Munich, so take notes on the following places…

1) Cafe Jasmin

Feeling like a parlour straight out of the Gilded Age, Cafe Jasmin is a unique place to go for coffee in Munich.

While the atmosphere is well worth it on its own, the breakfast here comes highly recommended, as its rich nature will help you get over the lag that you might be feeling after a long night at the beer halls the night before.

With a nice terrace, this place is a great place to be when the weather is cooperating as well as when it is in one of its moods.

2) Cafe Frischhut

Home to Munich’s tasty but entirely unhealthy Schmalznudel, Cafe Frischhut is a German diner where you might have struggles communicating with the wait staff if your German isn’t on point, but you’ll put up with any difficulties to get a taste of this addictive friend dough treat.

Be sure to get a cappuccino with your hunk of grease and carbohydrates, as it is highly spoken of by locals and expats in the know in this popular city in Germany.

3) Chocolaterie Beluga

If your chocolate tooth demands to be fed, then heading to Chocolaterie Beluga is the best way to quiet this craving when in Munich.

A well known shop that trafficks not only in various types of the delectable candy, but also in cups of hot chocolate that draw line ups throughout the year, this is the place you’ll want to go if you need your fix of cocoa.

If you can’t decide what to get, we recommend that you try their brownies, as many locals swear by them.

4) Cafe Lotti

If you need to get in touch with your inner girly girl, or if you owe your better half a big favor, then heading to Cafe Lotti will ameliorate both of the prior mentioned situations.

Painted in pink in its interior, and furnished like a Barbie House within, you’ll feel five years old again at a tea party with your friends – only this time, it’ll be real.

The pastries, coffee selection, and hot chocolates are all raved about, which will make the prices – and for the guys, the feminine decor, well worth it.

Top cafes in Miami

photo by CC user Miamiboyz on wikipedia.org

Looking for the top cafes in Miami on your next visit to Florida? This article will give you the lowdown on what we believe to be our favorites…

1) Panther Coffee

Located in the artsy neighborhood of Wynnwood north of downtown Miami, Panther Coffee has been gaining the adulation of critics for some time, and with that, coffee travelers in the know have been slowly but surely beating a path to their door.

Staffed with baristas that have been pouring java for decades, and with tables here filled up with the most diehard of cafe culture aficionados in the city, you’ll love it here if you are similarly serious about how you love your coffee.

Despite the avant garde nature of this place, prices are reasonable for the quality you’ll be getting here – it is unheard of to pay more than $5 for a cuppa at this neighborhood hotspot.

2) Cafe Demetrio

South of the downtown core in the affluent suburb of Coral Gables is another core of quality coffee shops, the best of which is Cafe Demetrio.

Unlike Panther, the scene here is open to all types – business people, artists, and young people all congregate here for their fix of caffeine, and all without a hint of pretension.

Regulars report that the quiche her is to die over, and the patio is the place to be on dry and warm winter days in Florida.

3) Versailles

Looking for a Latin twist on your daily coffee run? Heading over to Little Havana will take care of that, but it is in an establishment with a French name where you will find the finest java in the Cuban section of town.

At Versailles, you will find décor that may not be as palatial as you might expect, but the espressos are on point, making up for the letdown in the former department.

Those wishing to mingle with the locals will want to show up around 3 o’ clock, as this is when this portion of town grinds to a halt to take a coffee break every work day.

4) Eternity Coffee Roasters

Bringing their expertise from growing coffee in the highlands of Colombia to the streets of Downtown Miami, Chris Johnson and the Garces brothers know what beans create a flavor experience that has and will continue to have their customers coming back for more.

For this reason, stopping by Eternity Coffee Roasters will prove to be a great way to start or end your tour of attractions in the downtown area. Be sure to try the nitrogen infused cold brews … just don’t challenge the regs to a game of Scrabble afterward; you will lose.