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Best cafes to visit in Saskatoon

Saskatoon is known by many to be the Paris of the Prairies – while it is a far cry from being the French capital’s spitting image, the South Saskatchewan River and its many bridges help make this town a charming place.

Being a young place filled with college students and young families, this city has more than its share of great places to get coffee and cake. Below, we’ll help you find the best joints. Just a note before we begin: many travellers planning a trip to the Great White North in 2018 are doing so in anticipation of marijuana becoming legal in the country starting July 1st.

Cannabis growing Canada has kicked into overdrive to meet expected demand, but it is important to realize that smoking it in public places may not be allowed. As such, don’t consume any joints outside cafes you visit – go for a long walk well away from buildings and air intakes and enjoy the best grass Saskatoon has to offer.

After smoking, you’ll be jonesing for some pastries to quell your appetite, so be sure hit up the following cafes when in Saskatoon.

1) Little Bird Patisserie & Cafe

Decorated to resemble a French patisserie, Little Bird Patisserie & Cafe does its best to live up to this city’s nickname (mentioned in the intro). More than a place to grab an amazing french press, locals flock here to have brunch on weekends.

They also hold a high tea service in the afternoon – if you decide to participate, be sure to have more than a few of their excellent macaroons.

2) d’Lish by Tish Cafe

Located within walking distance from the University of Saskatchewan, d’Lish by Tish Cafe is a spot with great atmosphere. With homemade food offerings ranging from paninis to cheesecake, you’ll have awesome food accompaniment to go along with your coffee or London Fog tea.

This venue plays host to live music on occasion, so be sure to ask the staff if anyone is due to perform during your visit to Saskatoon.

3) Park Cafe

Prefer to have your coffee in a place that has a diner feel to it? The Park Cafe will fill your need for no-nonsense java and simple but well-prepared brunch fare. Their eggs benny and french toast are raved about by locals, while at lunch, their burgers and Reuben sandwiches get tons of orders.

Despite being constantly busy, this establishment gets food out of the kitchen and onto tables breathtakingly fast – so feel free to drop by for breakfast (served all day) or lunch.

Best cafes in Mumbai

When you live and work in Mumbai, getting a proper start to the day is practically mandatory for survival. As such, there is a thriving coffee culture in this bustling metropolis of 18.5 million people.

Want to experience its best cafes? As tough a task as this can be given this city’s scale, we have listed several favourites we are sure you will like.

1) Prithvi Cafe

No long after checking into the sahara star hotel, head over to the Prithvi Cafe. With plenty of caffeinated concoctions, they’ll have just what you need to shake your jet lag. From chai to Irish coffee, you’ll be as right as rain in no time.

This place is also well known for its food as well. With plenty of regionally famous people dropping in, other Mumbai residents often turn out here to do so celebrity spotting while they dine on excellent dishes like house-made sandwiches or a selection of pizzas. This creates an electric atmosphere, making a prime spot to enjoy a coffee while in Mumbai.

2) Momo Cafe

Another joint that comes highly recommended by locals, Momo Cafe gives you a chance to enjoy Indian food in a hygienic and casual setting. In addition to the excellent coffee and pastries found here, you’ll also love the dosas and sev puri, which are but a few of the dishes on their menu.

Located in the Courtyard Marriott in Mumbai, this cafe is headed up by Chef Ravi, who will ensure you receive the sort of personalized service that will have you talking up this place to friends and family back home.

3) Cafe Mondegar

Looking for a place more on the lively side? Cafe Mondegar is a place you should check out later in the day during your time in Mumbai. While it does coffee well enough, this joint is a flexible one, doubling as a casual beer bar, especially as the afternoon lapses into the evening hours.

With jukeboxes that play rock music, plenty of chilled beer on hand, and a location just across from the Regal Cinema, it is a great place to go if you are looking to meet up with local friends. Catch up with each other, have some burgers with a Kingfisher, and head on over to the theater to see a Bollywood flick – sounds good to us!

4) Bombay to Barcelona Library Cafe

Want to feel as if the money you spend during your Mumbai holiday is going to help those who need it? If this is a cause near and dear to your heart, then stopping by for a chai at the Bombay to Barcelona Library Cafe will turn your coffee break into an opportunity to help the community.

Founded by Amin, a former Mumbai street kid, he gives street people looking for work a chance to build a career for themselves, and he regularly provides drinks and pastries for street kids.

With the situation as bad as it is in New Delhi, it is heartwarming to see initiatives like this in action, so be sure to check this place out.

Fun things to do in a cafe

There are many Fun things to do in a cafe

When it comes to doing stuff outside of the house, some like to play sports. Others wait until dark and hit the local pub or nightclub.

Others, like yourself, search for the nearest purveyor of caffeinated beverages and revel in an atmosphere that can’t be found elsewhere in the community.

If you identify with the latter scenario, but haven’t actually gone out to a coffee shop before, you might be wondering what they have to offer.

In this post, we’ll share just a few of the fun things to do in a cafe that will have you coming back to them time after time.

1) Muck about on the web

Its the 21st century – we get it. Whether it’s the latest article from a favourite blogger of yours, an episode of a podcast you dig, or daily tips that are going to help you pick all the winners going into this weekend’s football matches, there’s nothing more satisfying than curling up with your laptop in a cosy corner.

There are plenty of web workers as well, but you needn’t have to do anything productive to fit in – if you just want to get out of the house and enjoy some amazing coffee while being entertained by the best of the internet, that’s fine too.

2) Reading novels, magazines, newspapers, etc

For some cafe aficionados, computers are a modern abomination that detracts from one of the longest coffee house traditions – reading an interesting book while getting good and caffeinated.

Some establishments carry the latest daily papers, making it easy to look intelligent and worldly to others in the cafe, but it’s always best to check before turning up to a new spot, lest you be left with no reading material to while away the hours.

3) People watching

If a cafe has an outdoor patio, you’ll be able to participate in one of the most beloved of cafe pastimes – sitting outside with an espresso and watching ordinary people pass by.

No activity is as mentally stimulating as checking out folks and ruminating about what they are all about, based on how they dress and present themselves.

Even if your favorite establishment doesn’t have outdoor seating, or if the weather is too miserable, stealing glances of your fellow patrons can be a fun activity.

Usually, those who frequent cafes are interesting, creative types, making for more interesting subjects than the ‘normies‘ who try to look like each other.

4) Take in live performances

Some cafes aren’t just about the coffee – some give local artists a space to showcase their brilliance.

Whether it is a master of acoustic guitar, a local poet that specializes in the spectacular power of spoken word, or a talented painter that is looking for a gallery show space for their first presentation to the public, many coffee houses are wellsprings of the local arts scene.

If you are into this, look up a list of events at cafes near you and make a point to attend one of them sometime soon.