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Hippest bars and cafes in Reykjavik, Iceland


photo by CC user Andreas Tille on wikimedia commons

Plan on visiting Iceland this fall to soak in hot springs, hike glaciers, and gaze in awe at the Northern Lights? Before you do any of these things, especially enjoying the incredible scenery, you will be spending at least a night or two in Reykjavik, Iceland’s biggest city and capital.

If you are looking for the hippest bars and cafes in Reykjavik, this post will guide you in the right direction during the time that you spend there…

1) Mokka Kaffi

It is far from being the bright, shiny and new establishments that one pictures when one considers hipster cafes, but Mokka Kaffi has long been a bold iconoclast in the Reykjavik coffee scene.

In 1958, it was the first coffee shop to open in the island nation, and it was the first to introduce the espresso as well.

Of all the things this shop is famous for, its most talked product these days are its waffles. Thick, fluffy and served with copious quantities of whipped cream and jam on the side, it is the perfect way to begin a full day in the Icelandic capital.

2) Puffin Coffee

Outraged by the inflated prices that seem to be commonplace throughout Reykjavik? Drop by Puffin Coffee, which not only offers a way for you to save your travel funds, but to support worthy charitable causes in the process.

Not a cafe in the traditional sense, Puffin Coffee is a business operated out of the kitchen window of Sverrir Sander’s home at Baldursgata 26 near the city centre.

In exchange for donation, Sverrir brews up espresso and French press coffee, with baked treats when friends and family are kind enough to bake some up for his operation.

All proceeds are donated to aid autism research, so drop by and pay Mr. Sander a visit during your time in Reykjavik.

3) Gallery Bar

Looking for a classy bar to justify the sky high bill that you will surely run up when you head out to sample this town’s nightlife?

Gallery Bar is a hotel watering hole that is up to the task, as its serene and warm interior in a haven of peace amidst the dark and loud establishments found elsewhere in Reykjavik.

Drop by between 4 and 7pm so you can enjoy its signature cocktails at happy hour prices, and with plenty of art on its walls, you’ll be able to enjoy creative masterpieces while drinking one at the same time.

4) Micro Bar

Those that are solidly into beer will want to end their evening at Micro Bar, as it contains a selection of microbrews, domestic and foreign beers that other nightspots are hard pressed to match.

Try Kaldi, Iceland’s national beer, or support smaller brewers from around the country … the amount of choice here is astounding, considering that Iceland is a nation of only 323,000 people.