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Your Wedding in Bali and Honeymoon on a Remote Island? Hell Yes!

Bali is an amazing place to get married! A place like no other in the whole wide world, calling for for a ‘hell yes’ to saying your vows, sealing your love and forgetting about the outside world for a bit. The myths about Bali prove itself true every time again; the island has some sort of magic, enchanting everyone who sets foot on shore.

No wonder Bali is also known as The Island of the Gods’! With it’s gorgeous beaches, the deep blue ocean, the holy mountains, deep river valleys, the emerald rice terraces and the endless sacred Hindu temples and shrines, Bali Island is one of the world’s most sought after wedding and honeymoon locations in the entire world.

Unique wedding locations & the perfect honeymoon refuge

No matter where on the island you decide to get married, it will be amazing, soaked in beauty and love. In Bali, you can find the most magnificent and unique wedding location. How about a special wedding ceremony at the edge of a high dramatic ocean cliff, on the slopes or on top of a volcano, at the bottom of a waterfall, on a secret beach or in the heart of the jungle? In Bali, everything is possible! Wedding dreams are fulfilled!

After the wedding ceremony and the wedding party, your honeymoon can begin straight away. You can choose to stick around in Bali, take the boat to one of the Gili Island or to Lombok or you can combine all of these wonderful places in the Indonesian archipelago. One thing is for sure, your honeymoon will be utterly romantic hand you can stay in the most amazing 5-star luxury resorts or private villas at locations you never dared dreaming of.

Finding the one

You already found your life partner, now you need the right partner in planning your wedding and honeymoon in Bali. The Seven Holiday is a Bali-based wedding company and holiday planner that helps couples design their own wedding and honeymoon package. Check our website www.7.holiday for more information. The wedding experts at this agency are passionate about love, romance, traveling and Bali. What makes them stand out from the rest is their personal attention and flexibility. Their packages include the most amazing places on the island, the most luxurious resorts as well as unique activities. The packages form the perfect base from where the custom-designing starts and you can even start designing from scratch if you prefer. Nothing is too much to ask, everything is possible and all will be made to fit your wedding and honeymoon budget.

Wedding and Honeymoon packages

With packages that combine your wedding and honeymoon in one go, you are not only up for an unforgettable time, you are also saving lots of money on flight tickets and more. The packages include highlights and secrets, not only of Bali Island but also of the Gili Islands and Lombok. You can make it one super romantic love trip, choosing your personal favorite spots and places. From the Uluwatu cliff tops to the lush green river valleys and waterfalls of Ubud and to remote islands such as Menjangan and Gili Meno. You can mix and match and let the love lead the way.


Surround yourself in the beauty of these exotic islands, soak yourself in the rich cultures of Bali and Lombok and allow yourself to be enchanted to the bone and pampered inside out during your stay. Make your wedding and honeymoon extraordinary, exotic and exceptional. Hell, yes to that, Indeed!

Cultural highlights in Bali you won’t want to miss

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is one of the top Cultural highlights in Bali

Photo by CC user Kostasplus on English Wikipedia

Planning a trip to Bali in the coming months? If so, you’ll be in for a treat, as there are few (if any) places on Earth that matches the culture that can be found on this Hindu-influenced isle in Indonesia.

When you are plotting out your itinerary while taking your airport transfer in Bali to your hotel, be sure to include the following attractions during the time that you spend in this special corner of Southeast Asia…

1) Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

If there is any temple in Bali that you make the time to see, make sure you slot in a visit to Pura Ulun Danu Bratan. Located in the highlands of the island, this temple’s centerpiece attraction is a multi-tiered pagoda that sits along the shore of a mountain lake.

Though the area is often shrouded in cloud, it actually suits the mood here perfectly, and when does manage to break through, it will be a moment in time that you will never be able to forget.

2) Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is another temple that is held in high regard by visitors and locals alike. Situated on a rocky islet just off the south coast of Bali, non-Balinese are not allowed to enter the complex when it is accessible by a land bridge at low tide, but the views at high tide and at sunset make the lack of access an easily forgivable cultural compromise.

As the most visited cultural attraction on Bali, you will have to brace yourself for the gauntlet of trinket stalls and touts that you will have to run in order to get to the viewing area. However, don’t be dissuaded by this, as the view is worth enduring this minor inconvenience.

3) Agung Rai Museum of Art

Located in the village of Ubud, the Agung Rai Museum of Art was started by a wealthy patron of the arts bearing the same name.

Containing some of the best examples of local Balinese art and plenty of pieces from elsewhere in Indonesia in Europe, wandering around the halls of this gorgeous museum is the perfect way to escape the mid-afternoon heat and humidity that predominates in this part of the world.

Additionally, the presence of a Balinese-style garden in the courtyard is also a nice extra that makes a visit here well worth your while.

4) Attending a Tek Tok Dance

The culture of the Balinese people is a deep and enriching one. For those that want to dive in head-first, there is no better way to accomplish this than to attend the performance of a tek-tok dance.

Held four times per week in the village of Ubud, it is an elaborate performance that tells the story of an Indian Hindu epic through gaudy costumes, vivid lighting, and music done exclusively through the harmony of human voices.