Spots to enjoy a coffee or a beer on Little Corn Island


As paradises go, Little Corn Island is one of the best of them out there today. While its profile is slowly increasing on the world stage, the difficulty incurred in getting here has shielded it from over-development to date.

However, it has developed enough that there are a number of excellent places where one can have a coffee or a beer during the course of their stay.

Below, we will discuss the best venues to have either of these stimulating drinks while on Little Corn Island

1) The Lighthouse

Want to have a coffee or a beer at a place with a view, or want to have the convenience of having your morning caffeine a few short steps from one of the cutest bungalows that you seen on your travels?

Heading up to The Lighthouse will help you achieve this goal. Situated high up on the hill above town past some of the best building lots on Little Corn, this property is a hotel that has an attached bar and cafe.

Growing in popularity over the short time that it has been open, it is a favorite among the local expat community for late-night parties, so if you wish to mix with this crowd, head up here in the evening.

Otherwise, it is a great place anytime during the day for an epic view of the Caribbean Sea from one of the highest points on the island.

2) Cafe Desideri

Being an Italian-themed restaurant situated in the heart of the main village, if there’s any place you can trust to get coffee right, it’s here.

With online rankings exceeding 9/ 10 on sites like TripAdvisor, and local residents swearing by this place, it is highly likely that you will have a quality experience here.

On a scorching day in April, be sure to try their iced coffee, as it will satisfy your craving for java and cool you down at the same time.

3) Tranquilo Cafe

Situated right next to Cafe Desideri on the main drag, Tranquilo Cafe is one of the oldest mainstays of the travel scene on Little Corn Island.

Having been around for a long time and still garnering some of the highest rankings here courtesy of its customers, it can also lay claim to making a fantastic cup of coffee, and come sunset, it is a great place to have a Sundowner beer as well.

Keep an eye out for daily specials, as they offer spectacular value for the quality of the food that you get.

4) Driftwood Beach Bar

Located on the property of Yemaya Resort on the Eastern side of the island, the Driftwood Beach Bar is located on one of the most spectacular beaches on Little Corn.

Specializing in upmarket cuisine, it is one of the best places for fine dining on the island, but if you just want to have a beer or a nice cup of coffee, it is certainly possible to do so here as well.