Sights To See Along The Great Ocean Road

Australia is an exceptionally fortunate country, being a nation of 20 million people that has a deeply beautiful continent all to themselves. Within its interior, atop its mountains, and along its lengthy coastline, dramatic viewpoints constantly present themselves to travelers both foreign and domestic, making the significant expense of getting here and traveling around well worth the costs it inflicts on your wallet. Continue reading

Coffee in the Canaries


I’ve often wondered if I’m really a coffee connoisseur.  I mean a coffee snob. On my arrival in Taiwan, the first thing I did was go and buy a six-pack of imported tins of ready-to-drink coffee. (Yeah, a true Caffeinated Traveller would never do that!)  Fast forward to a conversation with a friend from South Africa who told me he will only drink coffee using his own beans that a local roaster has browned to his exact specifications.  Would I do that? Continue reading