Top hipster cafes in Williamsburg, NYC

The Top hipster cafes in Williamsburg only add to the amazing urban atmosphere found here

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While coffee shops in London, Sydney, and San Francisco all stake claim to being the coolest in the world, you can’t crown these cities to be the go-to place for hipsters without first making a pilgrimage to Williamsburg.

A neighbourhood within the borough of Brooklyn in New York City, this corner of the Big Apple has made a name for itself due to its innovative restaurants and cafes.

If you are seeking out establishments of the latter kind, be sure to drop by the spots mentioned below.

1) Blue Bottle Coffee

While coffee served on business class flights to New York is known for being rich and flavorful, this indulgence is just a preview to the amazing java that awaits you in hip Williamsburg cafes like Blue Bottle Coffee.

Located on a side street away from the busyness of main thoroughfares, this venue boasts an industrial vibe that gives it the edgy feel that is so en vogue these days.

Prior visitors to this cafe include customers from Italy, some of whom have praised the espresso for being the best they have tasted outside their home country.

2) Swallow Café

A popular neighbourhood hangout on Atlantic Avenue, the Swallow Café combines a stripped-down interior design and friendly staff to create an atmosphere which must be experienced to be properly understood.

On top of this, coffee-crazed visitors from Australia have mentioned that this place gets it right when it comes to crafting the perfect cup of coffee.

The wi-fi is also on point, so if you have work e-mails you need to blaze through to begin your day, this spot is an excellent place to do just that.

3) Freehold

If you are looking to mix a little alcohol with your coffee, plan to meet up with friends at Freehold. Aiming to capture the feel of a hotel lobby, you might initially think that you’ve come to the wrong place.

However, one cup of the house coffee with a croissant will sweep away this suspicion, as this combo has made Freehold a popular morning spot for those who live in the area.

There is more to this place than just java, as you will find out once ‘Happy Hour’ begins at 12 noon. Paired with plenty of foosball and ping-pong tables, pinball machines, and other amusements, you will find it hard to leave this eclectic spot.

4) City of Saints Coffee Roasters

Have special considerations when it comes to your diet? If you do, there are few places better in the world than Williamsburg, as you find tons of coffee shops that not only accommodate vegans and gluten avoiders, but openly embrace them.

As you sip a latte at the bar at City of Saints Coffee Roasters, you’ll have a selection of cookies and desserts that lack gluten, as well as any semblance of animal products.

Combined with hospitable staff and relaxing music, you’ll have a sanctuary away from the noise of the Big Apple where you can curl up with a book and spend an afternoon getting lost within your own head.

Why Budapest is the best place for your stag/hen party

Photo by CC user webmoof on Flickr

Have a special guy or gal in your circle of friends that is about to tie the knot? While you may be happy for them, you are also aware that things won’t be the same in the years that follow.

As such, many throw one last big blowout party for their pal; known as a stag or hen do, it usually involves a trip to a foreign city, where ridiculous hijinks take place, usually involving alcohol.

If you are stuck on where to go, Budapest is a great stag party destination; in this article, we’ll make the case for this Central European city.

1) There is a lot to do

As you might expect, there are tons of amazing bars, pubs, and nightclubs in Budapest, as this town’s reputation precedes it.

This is especially true of ruin pubs, which boast an atmosphere that will take your party to the next level.

However, there is plenty to do when you aren’t imbibing as well. There are plenty of cultural and historical sights, from Buda Castle to Fisherman’s Bastion.

If you are into it, there are weapons ranges where you can work on your aim. Throughout town, there are numerous bathhouses that channel the thermal springs that lie beneath the surface of the city of Budapest (excellent places to soak away a hangover).

As a result, you can expect to have a balanced trip here, instead of stumbling from one licensed establishment to another during your entire time there.

2) Beer is dirt cheap

However, it is impossible to deny that the vast majority of stag and hen dos revolve around the consumption of alcohol.

When it comes to pints of beer, Budapest wins big time, as one can throw back nine pints for the obscenely low price of £10 on average.

So long as you pace yourself and watch your friend’s as the weekend unfolds, the value that you can get for your money here will help keep everyone’s costs low.

As for other alcoholic drinks, a glass of wine costs about the same as a pint, while cocktails generally cost less than £4, though this can vary widely.

3) The locals are friendly

While the groom or bride to be is generally assumed to be off-limits when it comes to meeting a beautiful stranger, the rest of the party is exempt from this requirement.

Fortunately for guys and girls that are looking to have a little fun with a Hungarian partner, they tend to be rather extroverted and eager to spend time with foreigners.

Watch out for scams, though, that have targeted foreigners go to a specific bar with them. They order drinks and then disappear.

The bill is then brought by an intimidating bouncer, listing obscenely expensive prices that need to be paid immediately … or else.

Get away from it all in Yorkshire this spring

Get away to Yorkshire this spring

Photo by CC user Kate Jewell on

Has city life begun to get the better of you? If this is the case for yourself, then a retreat to the rural landscapes of Yorkshire will help recharge your batteries.

In this article, we’ll show what awaits you in this serene corner of the United Kingdom.

Relax and unwind

The whole point of going on holiday to relax and enjoy yourself. As such, if you want to treat yourself to a spa break, we are with you 100%.

The world throws enough crap at you as it is – take back a part of yourself by treating your body and spirit to professional massages, facials, and mud baths.

These sessions will help shave off some of the physical baggage that we all accumulate along the road of life, but they also help you feel better if you just feel tired after trekking across Yorkshire’s many moors, which are a big-time attraction in this part of England.

Live it up in Leeds

If you want to let loose during your time in Yorkshire, be sure to spend a few nights in the city of Leeds.

With a student population exceeding 10% of its total population, there are plenty of bars, pubs, and nightclubs where you can dance the night away with young people that do it like it is their job.

You won’t be the only one, as this place has been repeatedly voted by various publications for being the #1 city in the United Kingdom when it comes to nightlife.

Expect to run into many Londoners seeking a dose of after-dark fun, as they can get it here without being sent broke by the venues in their home city.

Enjoy the coast near Whitby

If you are seeking a seaside getaway in Yorkshire, make for the coastal city of Whitby. Best known as the birthplace of James Cook, famed explorer of the South Seas, it is also a great place for those that love to go on long walks by the seashore.

If you are travelling with a dog, Sandsend Beach is a wonderful spot to take them for a lengthy jaunt. Even if you don’t, the sea cliffs, colourful fishing boats brought ashore, and the flowing grass in the breeze will make a stroll here truly memorable.

Explore its national parks

Yorkshire’s natural beauty isn’t limited to its coasts, as its interior has plenty of surprises for outdoor lovers as well.

From the thought provoking expanse of the North York Moors, to the heights of the Peak District, there is a landscape in Yorkshire’s heartland that will appeal to you.