Travel Skincare : What Eye Creams Does Timeless Offer

When you are talking to someone, it is normal to focus on the person’s eyes.  The eyes convey much of a person’s facial expression and tell you a lot about their age and health.  You don’t even need to read body language if you can interpret eye language.  Therefore, it is normal to focus on the appearance of your own eyes, even if you are not normally self-conscious about your appearance.

Even women who do not bother with anti-wrinkle serums and organic anti- aging creams often wear eye makeup.  To make matters worse, many women who do not otherwise have any wrinkles have noticeable fine lines around their eyes.  Therefore, eye creams are a perennial best-selling skin care item.  Fortunately, Timeless Skin Care has several eye creams that are pleasant and easy to use.

Timeless Dark Circle Eye Cream

A lot of people get dark circles under their eyes if they are sleep-deprived.  As you age, the dark circles appear more frequently, even when you have gotten plenty of sleep.  These dark circles are the result of inflammation.  Dark Circle Eye Cream from Timeless Skin Care has two ingredients to reduce the inflammation that causes these circles.  Eyeliss and Haloxyl make your eyes look less puffy and reduce the appearance of dark circles.  It also contains a moisturizer called hyaluronic acid.

Timeless Hydrating Eye Cream

The purpose of Timeless Hydrating Eye Cream is to reduce the appearance of fine lines and to firm the skin around your eyes.  Therefore, it has algae extract to encourage collagen production.  It also has Matrixyl 3000, an alternative to Retin-A, which is available by prescription only.  Timeless Hydrating Eye Cream also has hyaluronic acid, one of the strongest moisturizers available on the market.

Whether you are trying to reduce dark circles or fine lines, Timeless has an eye cream for you. Also be sure to take extra precautions when traveling to sunny places like Barcelona, Cancun or any other beach destination because your skin will be exposed to much more ultraviolet rays than usual. As a result, applying lots of sunscreen is a must for any vacation where fun in the sun is the theme.

Your Wedding in Bali and Honeymoon on a Remote Island? Hell Yes!

Bali is an amazing place to get married! A place like no other in the whole wide world, calling for for a ‘hell yes’ to saying your vows, sealing your love and forgetting about the outside world for a bit. The myths about Bali prove itself true every time again; the island has some sort of magic, enchanting everyone who sets foot on shore.

No wonder Bali is also known as The Island of the Gods’! With it’s gorgeous beaches, the deep blue ocean, the holy mountains, deep river valleys, the emerald rice terraces and the endless sacred Hindu temples and shrines, Bali Island is one of the world’s most sought after wedding and honeymoon locations in the entire world.

Unique wedding locations & the perfect honeymoon refuge

No matter where on the island you decide to get married, it will be amazing, soaked in beauty and love. In Bali, you can find the most magnificent and unique wedding location. How about a special wedding ceremony at the edge of a high dramatic ocean cliff, on the slopes or on top of a volcano, at the bottom of a waterfall, on a secret beach or in the heart of the jungle? In Bali, everything is possible! Wedding dreams are fulfilled!

After the wedding ceremony and the wedding party, your honeymoon can begin straight away. You can choose to stick around in Bali, take the boat to one of the Gili Island or to Lombok or you can combine all of these wonderful places in the Indonesian archipelago. One thing is for sure, your honeymoon will be utterly romantic hand you can stay in the most amazing 5-star luxury resorts or private villas at locations you never dared dreaming of.

Finding the one

You already found your life partner, now you need the right partner in planning your wedding and honeymoon in Bali. The Seven Holiday is a Bali-based wedding company and holiday planner that helps couples design their own wedding and honeymoon package. Check our website for more information. The wedding experts at this agency are passionate about love, romance, traveling and Bali. What makes them stand out from the rest is their personal attention and flexibility. Their packages include the most amazing places on the island, the most luxurious resorts as well as unique activities. The packages form the perfect base from where the custom-designing starts and you can even start designing from scratch if you prefer. Nothing is too much to ask, everything is possible and all will be made to fit your wedding and honeymoon budget.

Wedding and Honeymoon packages

With packages that combine your wedding and honeymoon in one go, you are not only up for an unforgettable time, you are also saving lots of money on flight tickets and more. The packages include highlights and secrets, not only of Bali Island but also of the Gili Islands and Lombok. You can make it one super romantic love trip, choosing your personal favorite spots and places. From the Uluwatu cliff tops to the lush green river valleys and waterfalls of Ubud and to remote islands such as Menjangan and Gili Meno. You can mix and match and let the love lead the way.


Surround yourself in the beauty of these exotic islands, soak yourself in the rich cultures of Bali and Lombok and allow yourself to be enchanted to the bone and pampered inside out during your stay. Make your wedding and honeymoon extraordinary, exotic and exceptional. Hell, yes to that, Indeed!

Play on these tropical golf courses this winter

It’s been a wonderful summer filled with family, friends, and multiple rounds of golf. However, as the chill of fall begins to set in, the realization your hometown courses will soon be shutting for the season can be a bit of a buzzkill.

If you aren’t content to simply look up golf betting odds at William Hill so you can bet on golf tournaments all winter, then book a holiday so you can play on some tropical golf courses.

Below, we’ll share some getaways which have piqued our interest lately…

1) Black Mountain Golf Club, Hua Hin, Thailand

Want to mix in a round of golf during a getaway to Thailand? If you plan on spending time in the resort city of Hua Hin, book a tee time at Black Mountain Golf Club.

Graced by limestone karsts that have given this course its name, players will be challenged at every turn by a course which has hosted European Tour golfers in the past.

Mixing exceptional beauty with a degree of difficulty which will keep you on your toes, it is no wonder why this course has won numerous awards for being the best course in Asia as recently as 2016.

2) Cabo del Sol (Ocean Course), Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

If you have no desire to play in a place with oppressive levels of humidity, get in some time in on the Cabo del Sol Ocean Course instead.

Situated at the arid tip of Baja California, this Jack Nicklaus designed gem will mesmerize you with its vistas of rolling breakers, saguaro cacti, and swaying palms.

If you can manage to keep your focus on the task at hand, the course itself will require your best effort, with it demanding numerous shots over unforgiving terrain.

3) Abama Golf Club, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

If you’re seeking out sunshine with just a touch of warmth on your golf holiday this winter, make plans to spend it on Tenerife.

Far south enough to avoid polar air masses, yet cooled enough by cold ocean currents to allow for an eternal spring climate where temperatures average between 18 to 24 degrees Celsius in winter, comfort won’t be a problem when you hit courses such as the Abama Golf Club.

Situated on Tenerife’s Ritz-Carlton resort, the topography of this course varies dramatically from hole-to-hole, making use of a golf buggy essential for all but the most physically fit of golfers.

With waterfalls, views across the ocean to the nearby island of La Gomera, and a challenging layout worthy of the European Tour, it will be a round you will remember for some time to come.

4) Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, Mauritius

Have you ever taken a boat to get to the tee box for the 1st hole? You will when you head out to play a round of golf at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club in Mauritius.

Located entirely on an islet in Mauritius’ largest lagoon, this course boasts mangrove forests, black volcanic rock outcrops, and the same sugar white beaches which draw hordes of visitors to Mauritius annually.

Designed by Bernhard Langer, it is the ultimate golf experience for those enthralled by all things tropical.