Catch a Coffee at these Top 5 Dublin Cafés

Dublin Coffee
The massive improvement in the quality and consistency of coffee offered in cafés, bars and restaurants in Dublin has to be tasted to be believed. If you’re over in Dublin for the weekend or a few days talking to clients, you don’t have time to waste trawling through the multiplicity of great cafés.

So let us focus in on the best Dublin cafés so you can get straight to enjoying a latte with all the trimmings as soon as you drop your bags in a comfortable budget hotel like Travelodge Dublin Hotels. Here’s our list of Top 5 Dublin Cafés where you should catch a coffee at this year.

1: Proper Order

Just off Smithfield Square in central Dublin, and a relatively new entrant into the vibrant Dublin coffee scene, Proper Order is a serious proposition for serious coffee lovers. It takes its cue from the local area with a relaxed atmosphere and minimalist décor but has a self-declared aim of bringing some of the world’s best coffee roasters to the attention of Dublin caffeine addicts.

A multi-roaster café showcasing roasters from around Europe and America, Proper Order doesn’t just offer great coffee in Dublin but also provides all the gadgets coffee-making nerds could ever wish for. And they’re put to good use by the expert baristas in store if the awards festooning the café are anything to go by. Add to a great location and cool interiors great cakes including splendid gluten-free treats from local Camerino Bakery and you have a superb start to our list of top 5 cafés in Dublin.

2: 3Fe

3Fe or Third Floor Coffee comes with an impressive pedigree as it was founded by Irish barista champion Colin Harmon whose self-roasted coffee beans and guest filters have percolated through its many coffee competitors in Dublin.

Located on Grand Canal Street Lower the superb 3Fe coffee is the draw but caffeine hounds can also explore the tasting menu with all kinds of excellent sandwiches and cakes if you fancy your coffee accompanied. But why spoil the taste of this wonderful handcrafted coffee? If you want to educate yourself in the delicacies and intricacies of coffee, then 3Fe also runs classes for professional baristas and those who just want to improve their coffee making at home.

3: Vice Coffee Inc. at Wigwam

Another multi-roaster coffee shop within the Wigwam emporium on Middle Abbey Street. The location turns into a hip live music venue in the evening but during the day there’s plenty of hop in the coffee provided by Vice Coffee. With roasters from Ireland like 3FE, Squaremile and Koppi as well as from further afield, Vice provides a great coffee experience in Dublin. The Dublin Doughnut Co.’s contribution to the perfect coffee isn’t shabby either and there is no better place to hang out in than Vice as you pay for your Friday night sins.

4: Roasted Brown Coffee Company

Temple Bar in Dublin can be a busy place during the day or at night so it’s nice to find a refuge from the crowds in the Curved Street café of the Roasted Brown Coffee Company. This is the headquarters of one of the best Dublin coffee roasters so as you might expect the coffee is top notch while as a location for sipping your mocha while watching the trendy and arty local denizens the Roasted Brown Coffee Company can’t really be bettered.

 5: Coffee Angel

Coffee Angel has a deservedly devoted fan base in Dublin with coffee of the highest-quality being produced and disseminated all over Ireland’s capital city, often in mobile coffee carts. But to enjoy locally-roasted Coffee Angel beans at their very best, make a beeline for its café on Pembroke Street in the city centre. The perfect place to resuscitate tired and hungover bodies the morning after, the Coffee Angel is a heavenly retreat peopled with smiley and friendly staff serving some of the best coffee in Dublin.

4 ways to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee


Brewing methods for the traveler

Traveling to new places brings a new experience to coffee consumption. If you go to Italy and London the café experience will be substantially different than if you were to go to a café in Atlanta, Georgia. Yet, regardless of where you are in the world, there are a few brewing methods available for getting the coffee bean into your cup. Here are four ways to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.

1. The French Press

Travelers that want to get their breakfast and coffee in their room before taking on the day, but do not want to use the instant mixes which are typically available, can opt for the French Press. By far, the French press is one of the best methods for capturing the robust flavors of the coffee. To use simply place your grinds (coarsely ground for the French Press) into the device. Add hot water and let it sit for 5 minutes. Place the top on the French press and slowly press down for that perfect cup of coffee. Typically, cafes do not use the French press method as it takes too long for customers. Most places do, however, allow for you to purchase the mug for your own purposes.

2. Coffee Brewing Mug

If you do not mind the instantaneous coffee and just want to have some Joe on the go, then a coffee brewing mug is an option. Created with the basic functionality of the Keurig coffee maker but a great deal smaller, the coffee brewing mug allows for the individual to brew a pod on the go. As you would expect with an instant coffee, it is pod based. To use put the pod into the coffee mug, press the button once for a light brew and twice for a strong brew and enjoy.

In terms of an authentic cup of coffee, this is not the method in which to obtain such. This method is mainly attractive to those which need a quick fix of caffeine to see them through the morning until they can get to their real café and get a cup.

3. Expresso machine

Perhaps one of the most universal methods for brewing coffee is the expresso machine. Available for both the commercial café and the personal size for the traveler or the home owner, the expresso machine takes coffee and turns it into an art form. For travelers who are visiting the UK or other European countries, the expresso machine is the standard for creating coffee beverages. And where there are a few variations the basic concept of the machine is the same. Fine ground coffee is added to a dedicated holder. This holder is attached to the machine. A wand is usually located on the device to allow for the steaming of milk. Depending on the type of machine, when engaged the machine brews either a single or double shot size of coffee ideal for lattés, mochas, and other coffee concoctions.

4. Chemex

Chemex is a bit different from other coffee makers. It is more scientific. The Chemex requires a special filter which needs to be watered down before you start. Use about 20 ounces of fresh coffee and grind the beads on medium coarse grind. Once ground you need to add boiling water from the center and apply the water in circles around the grinds. The brew will slowly drip down. You will want to avoid too much water as this will cause a dirty flavor to the coffee.

This method of brewing is a bit more labor intensive and requires attention to what is going on. However, reviews of the Chemex state that it produces one of the best cups of coffee in terms of not losing its flavor or acidity.

Brewing Considerations

Keep in mind when you are traveling that each culture has its own preferred method of roasting and grinding their coffee. To ensure that you get the best cup of coffee see where the coffee beans are acquired from. If local, ask what method is commonly used by that region. If you have a specific method of brewing that you prefer, buy the beans whole and grind them yourself for your specific device.

Personally, I enjoy a quick cup of coffee in the morning in the comforts of my room, but when I get out and start enjoying the travel spots and the towns that I visit, I want to get the coffee as everyone else does. It helps me to feel more in tune with the area that I am visiting and the culture. Be sure that you know the terminology for the drinks and the sizes. They are not universal. Yes, the words are universal, but the creation is a bit different from place to place.

Best cafes in London

Photo by CC user stirlingackroyd on Flickr

As the cultural center of the United Kingdom, there is no better place in the country to find excellent cafes with highly-skilled baristas behind the counter.

You can best appreciate the best cafes in London if you stick around to see the city for longer than a week, which is what most travelers end up doing.

If you are looking into staying long term, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of vacation rentals in London that are good value for money, and with the short-term plunge in the pound due to the concerns around Brexit, you stand to save even more.

With that out of the way, let’s discuss the some of the best cafes in London that are worth your time…

1) Attendant

Certainly one of the more unique cafes that you’ll find in London, Attendant is a cafe that is housed in what used to be a former public restroom.

It’s not as grotty as it sounds, as this space dates back from the Victorian era, and as such, it has many of the fixtures that date back from that period of time.

Known for its espressos and flat whites, it also has a very reasonable prices, with the cheapest option for coffee from £2.

You can even turn up for breakfast and lunch, but even though this place has a unique atmosphere, seating is assigned on a first-come first-serve basis, so be patient if there isn’t a table available when you first arrive.

2) Espresso Room

A tiny spot that doesn’t accommodate too many customers, the Espresso Room isn’t a place to linger with a laptop and get work done, but to focus solely on the joys of drinking a high-quality blend of espresso.

Lunch is also available here, but with only a few simple options such as soups and sandwiches. On a rare day when the weather cooperates in London, sitting here and watching the world go by is the perfect accompaniment to your cup of coffee and your food.

3) Department of Coffee & Social Affairs

A popular cafe with the office crowd during the work week, this fine coffee spot quiets down on weekends.

As a result, you have a clear choice of whether you prefer bustle or a calm atmosphere. Whichever you choose, one thing that is constant is the quality of the coffee, as there are a range of blends that you can choose from, and the baristas that work behind the bar tend to be quite skilled at latte art if that is your thing.

4) Curators Coffee Studio

If you are looking for a coffee shop where the owners and the baristas live, eat, and breathe the art of coffee brewing, visiting the Curators Coffee Studio will provide an experience that will live up to your expectations.

Although there isn’t much room to sit down in this tiny space, as they focus on the takeaway market, it still does not diminish the quality of the product they produce on a daily basis.

By the way: don’t even think of adding milk to their creations, lest you get a disapproving look from the poor folks that painstakingly put together your drink.