Going on a culture crawl in San Francisco

photo by CC user Frank Schulenburg on wikimedia

San Francisco has long been a tourist draw for people heading to the United States on holiday, as it combines outstanding natural scenery with a number of interesting attractions. Of particular interest heading to San Fran is the number of cultural sights that this metropolis has to offer. Going on a culture crawl in San Francisco this year? Don’t miss out on these highlights…

1) San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Being a city renowned for its dynamic and progressive image, it makes sense to begin your cultural explorations at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Being the first museum on the West Coast to hold a collection exclusively consisting of pieces from artists that created their pieces in the 20th century, it is the perfect place to observe the bleeding edge of art today, as well as the pieces that inspired them in the recent past.

2) Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Occupying a central position on America’s position on the Pacific Rim, the presence of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco should hardly come as a surprise. Presently, it holds one of the largest collection of Asian art in the entire world, with drawings, sculptures and even a set of samurai armor on display. 18,000 pieces are present here, which should keep Asiaphiles busy for a while!

3) Davies Symphony Hall

As evening falls on the first night of your visit to San Francisco, take in a show at the Davies Symphony Hall. Serving as the permanent home of the San Francisco Symphony, it is a great spot to take in some rousing instrumental music in a live setting.

Making it all the more poignant is that the fact that this facility is equipped with a Fratelli Ruffatti concert organ, giving its player the ability play pieces dating back as far as the pre-Baroque era, while still having the flexibility to play more modern pieces using the same unit … cool.

4) GLBT Historical Society

San Francisco is one of the best havens for the LGBT community in the world, with the Castro being its standout centre. In this neighbourhood is the GLBT Historical Society, which chronicles not only the history of the gay community in San Fran, but in other places around the United States, as well as the past and present actions in the fight for civil rights for people that identify as LGBT.

Coolest cafes in Nice, France

photo by CC user biwook on Flickr

Seeking out the coolest cafes in Nice, France? The suggestions that we have come up with below will ensure that your coffee runs will be anything but mundane while you are in one of French Riviera’s most storied cities.

1) Le 36 Bonap

If you have the worst craving … like … EVER, for a bagel while strolling the streets of Nice, you’ll find sweet relief within the confines of Le 36 Bonap. This clean and cozy spot also does a steady and consistent trade in sandwiches, so whether you need breakfast to start your day or a lunch refueling stop, this cafe will be equal to the task.

2) Le Sweeties

Perhaps it is your sweet tooth that needs to be silenced? If so, then the appropriately named ‘Le Sweeties’ will be the shop that will fill your needs adequately. The very friendly service here will stand in contrast to the cold shoulder that many travelers can sometimes encounter during their time in France, and with its location being hidden away from tourist masses down a neatly hidden alley, you can find the refuge that you might need during the course of your day.

3) Le Comptoir De L’Imaginaire

Those looking for a bit of artsy inspiration while slowly sipping their cappuccino will find the environs of Le Comptoir De L’Imaginaire to be suitable for this purpose, as its unique décor and meals will prove to be the ideal companion for your cup of coffee. Another reason to lounge for awhile: the presence of a 3D printer … come see the future of creation make itself before your very eyes!

4) A Table

Want to pair for cravings for caffeine with some of France’s best bistro-style meals? A Table is a great place to enjoy both aspects, as it pairs quality coffee with dishes made from scratch with organic ingredients. Its abundant gluten free options make it a great place for breakfast for those that actively avoid this ingredient in food, while maintaining price points that are more than reasonable.

5) Nice Life International Cafe and Meeting Place

Identify as a vegan? The Nice Life International Cafe and Meeting Place caters to those that eschew all animal products, making it the perfect place for you to fuel up on caffeine while in Nice. Of all the dishes that serve, the apple curry lentil soup comes high recommended, as do their macha lattes, but no matter your preferences, their expansive menu will ensure that something you enjoy is available.