In search of: the most modern cafes and bars in Singapore

photo by CC user Merlion444 on wikimedia commons

Looking for a place in Southeast Asia that embraces the spirit of creativity, while merging it with modern design, as well as the latest trends?

Singapore is one of the best places in the region, as a young and affluent population have fuelled nearly exponential growth of unique cafes and bars that will amaze visitors to this thriving city state.

In this article, we will explore the ones that have captured our attention in particular with respect to their focus on enhancing their customer’s experience in their business.

One friendly tip before we begin, though: it’s a long flight to the most modern city in Southeast Asia, so be sure to book your hotel Singapore online in advance so you won’t have to slog about from hotel to hotel looking for one with a great price, or available space.

Now that we have quieted that nagging concern in the back of your mind, let’s get to discussing some of the most unique cafes and bars in Singapore that you and your travel friends must visit…

1) Department of Caffeine

Start your day of coffee shop hopping at the appropriately named Department of Caffeine. Boasting a sleek and modern look, it has become well known among caffeine aficionados as being one of the best spots for brunch in the city.

From banana rum waffles to a deeply satisfying pulled pork sandwich, there are many food choices that will ensure that the first meal of your day is a gratifying one.

2) Necessary Provisions

Like checking out cafes that local coffee drinkers can’t stop taking about? In Singapore, that title currently belongs to Necessary Provisions, as its dark, mysterious lighting and its iced espresso has engendered quite the following in the past year.

With a menu of main dishes constructed from market fresh food, fine craft beers for those looking to get loose instead of wired, and a community mindset that seems to be absent in most other places, this spot is easy to fall for … hard.

3) Southbridge

Looking for an outstanding place to have a sun downer drink? Southbridge in Boat Quay fits that bill smartly, as boasts views of iconic sights like the Marina Bay Sands Resort and the Singapore Flyer.

To be clear, drinking here is not a cheap endeavor, but you can’t live your whole life clutching your purse strings tightly.

Southbridge is a fine place to ease up on the reins, as its artisanal Japanese sake, unique cocktail creations and its gourmet take on oysters will have you feeling like a millionaire, if only for a night.

4) Potato Head Folk

Prefer your drinking establishments to be kooky and laid back instead of being burdened with the buttoned up atmosphere that pervades the former establishment?

If this sounds like you, Potato Head Folk is a great place for you to wind down your day, as the minds behind the Potato Head Club in Bali have created a space that embraces the spirit of fun and unrestrained art to create a joint that will inspire your soul, as well as your desire to have another cocktail!