Discovering the best cultural highlights of Wales

photo by CC user Dbenbenn on wikimedia commons

Want to uncover the best cultural highlights of Wales on your next journey to the UK? These attractions should be at the top of your “to see” list…

1) Conwy Castle

A massive medieval era fortress built in the 13th century to help Edward I conquer Wales, this imposing structure isn’t just a highlight of Wales, but of the entire United Kingdom.

UNESCO has recognized this castle for its brilliant construction with regards to military tactics, and though it has gotten on its years, its form has resembled what most people think about when they think about what a castle should look like.

2) Caernarfon Castle

Caernarfon Castle is another impressive keep in Wales, as its tall walls will inspire awe as it inspired fear in conquering armies back in the olden days.

In much better shape than it was during the days of the Tudor dynasty, when the unity between the English and Welsh made the upkeep of castles a less urgent matter, you will enjoy the time you will spend strolling inside its walls.

Used up until the English Civil War, when its deteriorated but still usable fortifications still managed to repel parliamentarians three times during the period when it was occupied by the Royalists, you still be able to feel the history of this place as you walk through it.

3) St Fagans National History Museum

Located in the village of the same name, the St Fagans National History Museum is where the traditional lifestyle, architecture and culture of the Welsh people is put on display for visitors from abroad to observe and learn about.

Considered by several travel publications to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United Kingdom, the grounds of this museum contains over 40 buildings that were re-located from elsewhere in Wales. This gives visitors a solid idea of what is what like to live in this country in centuries past, making a worthwhile addition to your travel itinerary.

4) Big Pit National Coal Museum

Up until the 1980’s, much of the economy of Wales was propped up by the coal industry. After this point in time, prices collapsed and collieries folded in dramatic fashion.

Little remains of this dusty way to make a living today, but the Big Pit National Coal Museum stands as a testament to the hard work of that era.

It shows how the citizens of this country dedicated themselves to pulling an energy rich rock from the ground that helped power a nation during its apex, which is a compelling enough reason to add it to your plans.