Coffee Shops in Amsterdam


There are plenty of little coffee shops in Amsterdam that are quaint and cozy. They are great little relaxation or conversation spots, and the coffee connoisseurs love them. That is not all here is to these coffee shops though. There are many that serve up a little more than coffee on their menu.

Amsterdam is a place that does not put restrictions on its visitors. Most coffee shops in Amsterdam sell cannabis as well, and there have been no increased reports of it encouraging an illegal trade to date. With this being said most of these coffee shops do require a club ID. This is needed to actually purchase the cannabis. These are in debate for offer to the tourist population, but not all of the Amsterdam coffee shops are going to go by the book if this law is passed. A lot of their money comes from tourists, and right now cannabis is offered to any adult whether they are a local or a tourist.

Right now it would serve up too many complications to implement the ID cards in a city the size of Amsterdam. While rules have been applied, there are going to be no major changes in the way the local coffee shops are run. While some may close because of location restrictions, they will simply reopen in another location.

These coffee shops are in no danger of being closed down permanently or losing their tourist dollars. So if you go to an Amsterdam coffee shop you can get some very flavorful combinations from their extensive menu selections, and that is something that it looks like is there to stay.

No one in Amsterdam is prepared to face the consequences of what a ban on these privileges would cause. The black market would benefit greatly from such a ban, so what truly would be eliminated? The coffee shops in Amsterdam at least make way for a controlled market on cannabis. So the 2013 laws that were considered have basically been put off, or at least they have for now. There will be no registration for the purchase of legal cannabis in Amsterdam’s coffee shops.

Now, if you are looking for a laid back quiet Amsterdam Coffee Shop that does not serve cannabis then there are a few of those as well. Just don’t be alarmed if you are not familiar to the area to walk into a corner coffee shop to find the strong smell of pine drifting through the air and everyone smiling.