Best cafes to visit in Singapore

An island city state known for being a global centre of commerce, Singapore has long had a boring reputation. While there may have been basis for this accusation in the past, much progress has been made on this front in recent years. Now, trendy cafes proliferate in many desirable neighbourhoods throughout the city.

In short, caffeine hounds would do well to include this destination in their Southeast Asian itineraries. But before we get to talking about all the awesome coffee there is to enjoyed across Singapore, spare a moment to think about your accommodations.

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With that PSA out of the way, let’s get to talking about the best coffee in Singapore…

1) My Awesome Cafe

What this place lacks in a punchy name, it makes up for in the amazing service, food, and coffee it serves within its hip and modern walls.

Located on Telok Ayer Street a short stroll from the MRT, My Awesome Cafe doesn’t just sling coffee – it is a well-loved spot for brunch among locals, and it also serves some outstanding mains for lunch and dinner – we recommend the lasagna.

As the sun starts to sink into the horizon, alcoholic drinks are also offered, making a great place to relax after a day spent exploring Singapore.

2) Tiong Bahru Bakery

Prfer to have your java with a bakery treat so fresh that it’s still warm to the touch? Be sure to drop into the Tiong Bahru Bakery for a coffee date. Their tarts, cakes, and almond croissants will make the perfect companion to a mug of coffee created from beans sourced from a local microroaster.

If you come by around lunch, their savoury offerings are also on point, as you find out when you bite into one of their curry buns.

3) Crossroads Cafe

Wiped out after hours spent shopping on Orchard Road? Get a jolt of caffeine and more at the Crossroads Cafe. Situated within the Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, this establishment has made a name for  itself with their attentive service.

If you are jonesing for some more than java, try their waygu burger – it’s pricey, but worth the money you’ll spend on this juicy masterpiece.