Best cafes in London

Photo by CC user stirlingackroyd on Flickr

As the cultural center of the United Kingdom, there is no better place in the country to find excellent cafes with highly-skilled baristas behind the counter.

You can best appreciate the best cafes in London if you stick around to see the city for longer than a week, which is what most travelers end up doing.

If you are looking into staying long term, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of vacation rentals in London that are good value for money, and with the short-term plunge in the pound due to the concerns around Brexit, you stand to save even more.

With that out of the way, let’s discuss the some of the best cafes in London that are worth your time…

1) Attendant

Certainly one of the more unique cafes that you’ll find in London, Attendant is a cafe that is housed in what used to be a former public restroom.

It’s not as grotty as it sounds, as this space dates back from the Victorian era, and as such, it has many of the fixtures that date back from that period of time.

Known for its espressos and flat whites, it also has a very reasonable prices, with the cheapest option for coffee from £2.

You can even turn up for breakfast and lunch, but even though this place has a unique atmosphere, seating is assigned on a first-come first-serve basis, so be patient if there isn’t a table available when you first arrive.

2) Espresso Room

A tiny spot that doesn’t accommodate too many customers, the Espresso Room isn’t a place to linger with a laptop and get work done, but to focus solely on the joys of drinking a high-quality blend of espresso.

Lunch is also available here, but with only a few simple options such as soups and sandwiches. On a rare day when the weather cooperates in London, sitting here and watching the world go by is the perfect accompaniment to your cup of coffee and your food.

3) Department of Coffee & Social Affairs

A popular cafe with the office crowd during the work week, this fine coffee spot quiets down on weekends.

As a result, you have a clear choice of whether you prefer bustle or a calm atmosphere. Whichever you choose, one thing that is constant is the quality of the coffee, as there are a range of blends that you can choose from, and the baristas that work behind the bar tend to be quite skilled at latte art if that is your thing.

4) Curators Coffee Studio

If you are looking for a coffee shop where the owners and the baristas live, eat, and breathe the art of coffee brewing, visiting the Curators Coffee Studio will provide an experience that will live up to your expectations.

Although there isn’t much room to sit down in this tiny space, as they focus on the takeaway market, it still does not diminish the quality of the product they produce on a daily basis.

By the way: don’t even think of adding milk to their creations, lest you get a disapproving look from the poor folks that painstakingly put together your drink.