Best cafes in Queenstown to get a flat white (and other caffeinated treats)

photo by Cc user 22699083@N04 on Flickr

Those that seek the best cafes in Queenstown will be glad to know that there are many worthy candidates here. The following five are our personal favorites, so don’t be shy, try them out when visiting the Adventure Capital of the World.

1) Vudu Café and Larder

Boasting a perfect view of Lake Wakatipu and the sawtoothed ranges of The Remarkables behind it, Vudu Café and Larder is an offshoot of the original Vudu Café that exists further uptown. Possessing a sophistication that would be more at home in a big city, this coffee shop’s industrial style ambiance makes for a spot where any self-respecting hipster would feel at home.

In addition to being able to prepare flat whites and almost any variant of coffee or tea available under the midday sun, breakfast and lunch are also served here, with each dish being prepared with organic and/or free range ingredients.

2) Joe’s Garage

Once a cafe that was hidden away in the most innocuous of places – a former post office sorting room – Joe’s Garage has become a mini-empire around Queenstown and New Zealand.

In spite of this, it has remained true to its grounded roots, playing groovy music and offering down to earth homemade food that complements its responsibly sourced coffee beans from choice destinations around the globe.

3) Boat Shed Café

Those looking to get up close and personal with Lake Wakatipu’s shore will love spending time at the Boat Shed Cafe, as its patio seating hangs over this stunning natural gem, and with plenty of gourmet bistro cuisine complementing its perky java creations, you’ll have the perfect place for an afternoon answering e-mail with a strong French press, or a causal dinner meeting with friends and family.

4) Red Rock Bar Cafe

Want a place that can double as a spot where you can let your hair down at night in addition to being a spot where you can lounge with a lively cuppa during the day? The Red Rock Bar Cafe offers a pub like atmosphere in which to enjoy your coffee, so if you are into consuming your java in a social setting, this establishment will suit you well.

5) The Tin Goose Cafe

This quaint cafe is well hidden within the quiet back streets of Queenstown, well away from the busy thoroughfares in this popular tourist town. With free wi-fi being hard to come by throughout much of New Zealand, patrons from abroad will be happy to know that this establishment offers this service, as well as great lunches that go well with the roasts on offer here.