Beaches Along The Black Sea


Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia and Ukraine along with Russia are not at war but there is one war they consistently keep fighting. Turkey is perhaps an exception as they aren’t too aggressively trying to woo tourists to visit their beaches along the Black Sea. But the others have very little option. The beaches along the Black Sea are the only beaches that these countries have to offer. Russia still has some along the Caspian Sea but for Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia and Ukraine, Black Sea beaches are all they can offer.

Black Sea is one of the rarest seas on earth which is completely landlocked. It has straits connecting to the Mediterranean but essentially it is not endless and doesn’t command a huge area like the Arabian Sea or others. Some people refer to Black Sea as a lake which is perhaps an exaggeration but the sweet water lays emphasis on such an argument. Perhaps being landlocked and remaining apparently distant from extensive oceanic life, Black Sea does have a unique characteristic of its own.

There are numerous beaches along the Black Sea. As a matter of fact, the entire landmass that encapsulates the sea has been virtually transformed to beach resorts for tourism, in all the countries. Since it is difficult to make one list of beaches along the Black Sea, here are a few quick names specific to the countries.

Turkey Beaches Along The Black Sea

The popular Turkey beaches include the likes of Amasra, Sinop, Trabzon, Ordu, Giresun and Samsun.

Bulgaria Beaches Along The Black Sea

Bulgaria has several beaches to offer and the list includes Cacao Beach, Golden Sands, Albena Beach, Dyuni Beach, Primorsko Beach, Smokini Beach, Shkorpilovtsi Beach, Sinemorets and Nessebar beach.

Romania Beaches Along The Black Sea

Romania has quite a few beaches and some are very popular across the world but there are quite a few beach resorts as well which draw a substantial section of tourists to the Black Sea. The prominent beaches and resorts are Constanta, Mamaia, Neptun, Olimp or Olympus Resort, Eforie Black Sea Resort, Venus Beach Resort and Costinesti.

Ukraine Beaches Along The Black Sea

The Ukrainian beaches along the Black Sea are Arcadia or Arkadia beach, Otrada Beach, Lanzheron, Delphin Beach, Luzanovka, Fountain Beach and The Peninsula of Crimea.

Russia Beaches Along The Black Sea

Anapa which is the largest resort town and Sochi which is Russia’s summer capital are the most popular ones.

Georgia Beaches Along The Black Sea

The Georgia beach resorts that are popular include Batumi, Kouleti, Ureki, Grigoleti, Mtsvane, Kontskhi and Tsikhis Dziri.