Coffee: the beverage that awakens your body with a jolt of caffeine, making you hyper-aware to the world around you.  It is beloved by people from all corners of the Earth, and it comes in an endless multitude of different varieties.

As such, there are many fans of this drink who cannot find locale-specific information about where and how to enjoy a jolt of java in the region that they are visiting.  If there is a famous plantation in the tropics or a well-documented city in the world known for coffee consumption, you’ll hear about it, but there are many hotspots surrounding this famous beverage that you simply don’t hear about.

We at the Caffeinated Traveller aim to fill this gap in the travel blogosphere.  We post destination articles for cities and countries all over the world, letting you know about interesting things to see and do, while recommending coffee-related attractions along with the major sights.  Other articles focus more precisely on caffeinated tourism, by telling you about things like the best coffee shops in Berlin to drink a cup with the hipsters (while they silently mock you), or the most atmospheric coffee farms and plantations, where you can see where it all begins.

We just don’t stop at coffee though.  Some folks prefer to get their caffeine hit from tea.  To that end, we also endeavour to bring you the best of the world’s tea shops, plantations, and tourist sites related to the favorite afternoon drink of many people across the globe.  There are also many bakeries and pastry shops that serve the perfect accompaniment to your dark roast.  We cover those places as well, as it is all part of an optimal coffee/tea drinking experience when one is on vacation.

Got a tea or coffee related story idea for our staff?  Get in touch with us through our contact page, or join us on Facebook or Twitter, and let us know what you want to hear about on the Caffeinated Traveller.

Until then, keep up the buzz, one cup of java at a time!

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