A Hipster’s Guide to New York City

photo by CC user timothykrause on Flickr

Being one of the most significant cities on the world stage, NYC has an undeniable appeal to those that identify as hipsters. While the cost of living makes life tough on those trying to stay true to their style without selling out to Corporate America too much, those that are dedicated to riding the leading edge of cool have managed to continue to make it in The City That Never Sleeps by sticking to the undervalued hoods that remain in this burg.

As a visitor though, you’ll be free to partake of the long running hipster institutions here via your abundant vacation savings. The only concern is time: with so much to see, it’s concerning to you that you might miss out on a really chill place here, only to be hounded by your sarcastic friends back home.

To prevent this totally avoidable tragedy, we have put together a hipster’s guide to New York City. Follow it and you’ll be certain to make the most of your limited time in the Big Apple.

Get a hotel that stays true to your style

The first thing you’ll want to do before booking your flight is to make sure that you’ll stay in a chic hotel in New York. This way, you’ll be in the center of the action throughout your city break in the Big Apple, and you will have the perfect place to recharge and re-energize after an active day of sightseeing.

Poke your way around Williamsburg

Anyone who identifies as a hipster simply can not pay a visit to New York City and not at least stroll through the hipster enclave of Williamsburg (unless you feel like it’s a played out scene, and even then, you should still go just to be ironic).

Located in the northern portion of the borough of Brooklyn, this rapidly gentrifying neighborhood is full of independent shops, bars, coffee shops and restaurants, along with many working class establishments that are still hanging on in this increasingly expensive area.

The Nitehawk Theater is the perfect place to check out independent film while sampling some of the city’s most avant garde cuisine, while eclectic establishments like Pete’s Candy Store and The Knitting Factory showcase everything from slam poetry to local live music.

Take artsy shots of the NYC skyline from Sunset Park

While many tourists visiting New York City will flock to the Empire State Building to take pictures of the buildings below it, the really super awesome shots of the Big Apple are taken far away from Mid Manhattan.

The best place in town to slap on the big lens of your DSLR is at Sunset Park in South Brooklyn, where the tourist hoards are nowhere to be found, but the views of buildings such as the new World Trade Center are nothing short of spectacular.

Check out the latest in contemporary art at the PS1 

The modern art at MoMA is trippy, no question about it. Many of the works in there have been seen and talked about so much though, that is doesn’t really have the appeal that it once did. Interestingly, of the better options to view art in New York these days is at MoMA’s sister facilities, the PS1, which is located in Queens.

Focused on art that is contemporary in nature, the exhibits found here are far more daring than the more conservative pieces found in MoMa and other big name art institutions in NYC, making the perfect alternative for the art-loving hipster.

Try to get into the Leadbelly

When Lady Gaga gets denied entry to a bar, you know that it has some serious dedication to its dress code. If you’re up to the challenge of getting into an uber stylish bar, make plans to go to the Leadbelly before leaving town.

Don’t ham up your style too much like Ms. Pokerface, but don’t drift too much in the slob direction either. Once you get in, enjoy some of the best cocktails and oysters you’ve ever had, as well as some of the more innovative beats that are rocking the Big Apple these days!