7 Tips for Travelling in the UK 


Whether you like the bustling city life or the charm of unique castles, five-star holiday experiences or idyllic countryside escapes, the UK will surely offer the perfect destination. If you are planning a visit in the UK anytime soon, keep on reading and learn from some of the tips that we will share.

Get a London Pass

When you are in London, you will have endless attractions to see. Falling in line can take up much of your time, and of course, patience. With this, getting a London Pass will be a good idea as it can allow you to fast-track your entry to various attractions. You also get free bus tour and free entrance to some attractions.

Book Trains Early 

To be able to cut your travel costs while enjoying the UK, you can consider getting your train tickets early. Advance fares can offer excellent savings, especially for long distance journeys to places like Wales. You can book your tickets online, which is also very convenient.

Travel by Campervan 

UK is huge and you will most probably need a long time to explore its many destinations. If you want a cheaper alternative to travel around, renting a campervan will be a good idea. This is going to be fun, especially if you are with your family and friends. You can stop anywhere you want and you can easily extend your stay without having to worry about excessive fees.

Enjoy Prepacked Sandwiches 

Generally speaking, travelling in the UK can be expensive, especially for food. If you want to save, try one of the many prepacked sandwiches, which is available not only in food stalls, but even in pharmacies, among others. This is the perfect way to enjoy a decent snack while on the go, such as while strolling the streets of London.

Rent a Bike 

In many destinations in UK, whether it is a vibrant city or a serene countryside, you can consider biking as an alternative way of exploring your destination. This is not only good for the health but will also be good for the environment. And of course, this is way cheaper than taking the bus or cab. London ever offers its own cycle rental scheme. You also get to enjoy the scenery of the place and have a breath of fresh air.

Enjoy Happy Hours 

Wherever you are in the UK, nothing beats capping the day with an excellent cocktail or a cold bottle of beer. Avoid the expensive places, such as fancy hotels. Instead, look for drinking establishments along the streets or those that are clustered together. Enjoy their happy hour deals to score drinks at a price that is more reasonable.

Book English Heritage Overseas Pass

If it is your first time to be in England, this is one of the discount passes that you will surely enjoy. At a reasonable price, you will be able to enjoy free entrance to a variety of castles and ruins. They are available in either 9 or 16-day variations. Indeed, this is a great way to immerse in the rich and fascinating history of England.