7 Must Visit Cafes in Moscow  

Moscow is quite famous for its chic cafes with great ambiance and beautiful interiors. The cafes are amazing to spend the afternoons in this city chatting away with your friends and enjoying the delicious food and coffee they offer. The cafes in Moscow offer the best-crafted coffee that will blow your mind away. Here is a list of some amazing cafes that are worth going to and splurging.

1. Bosco Café

Bosco Café, which is situated on Red Square, is the best place to visit and relax while sipping your coffee on the roof after exploring the near- by sites. It is a perfect place to spend your afternoon lunching and admiring the St Basil’s Tomb. The café is a bit on the expensive side, but it is worth the splurge.

2.    Cafe Pushkin

This café has its history as it is named after the famous poet Alexander Pushkin. This café is the best place to go if you want to enjoy the most authentic Russian Cuisines and extravagant desserts. The history of this café adds to its aesthetic value. Ask a waiter and he will give you a tour of this café.

3.    Vogue Café 

This café is for the chic and fashionable people. It is set amongst the high end stores, which makes it the perfect spot to stop by for a creamy cappuccino or a fancy cocktail. The big lamps and photo frames and chairs of different sizes and colors give the café a very sophisticated and a stylish vibe.

4.    Bar BQ Café 

Located on Red Square, it is a perfect spot to stop by for an excellent brew and some delicious food. It is an American style café and has the best burgers in the city. Visit this American inspired café for a chilled out afternoon with your friends.

5.    Café Milk

Café Milk was a dairy shop back in the Soviet period that sold fresh milk to the local people. It has now been transformed into a chic café that serves the perfect coffee and serves delicious food. The black and white theme that the café has gives it a very sophisticated vibe.

6.    I Love Cake

I love cake is a paradise for a sweet tooth. It serves everything that you can imagine. From waffles to American pancakes. Hey have all things sweet and nice. The variety of cakes they offer is just overwhelming. This is the perfect place to go if you are craving for the perfect slice of a blueberry cheesecake or anything.

7.    Coffee Mania

This café is very popular amongst Muscovites. It is known for serving world class coffee all over the city. The skilled baristas of this café have bagged many awards at the Russian Latte Art Championship. Visit this café for the perfect coffee and a lunch date with your friends. The perfect cup of coffee is enough to make anybody’s day. So head to Coffee Mania and have the best coffee of your life.

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