Here’s How to Explore Colombo on a Budget

There are so many of you who must have dreamt of exploring Colombo and its adjoining areas. However, there are again so many of you who have put this thought away against your wishes because of the constant turmoil taking place in Sri Lanka and making the country a little unsafe and uncomfortable for the tourists.

For those of you who dream of visiting the nooks and corners of Colombo even today, here is a splendid news for you! The tourism industry in the country of Sri Lanka has flourished once again and, hence, no one can stop you now from visiting the dreamland of yours.

However, because the tourism industry had been suffering a huge loss for decades, all the prices adhering to tourism in Sri Lanka, and, thereby, Colombo, have been hiked. Moreover, the foreign visitors have to pay quite a lump sum every time they set foot on the land of Colombo. Hence, isn’t it time for you to plan out your “Yatra” with the help of the leading travel agencies like Yatra so that you can enjoy a comfortable trip to this neighboring country of India even if your budget is limited? Of course, you should! So, get the tickets done from here to have a great time in Colombo.

So, read this guide and jot down the points in advance so that you don’t end up burning a hole in your pocket during your visit to Colombo.

  • Choose the Right Form of Transport: In Sri Lanka, the private transports which are specially meant for the tourists are quite pricey. So, instead of taking the more comfortable form of transport, you should opt for the public transports that are much more convenient. Also, make sure that you book your flight tickets in advance so that you don’t have to pay the maximum price. Moreover, as it is an international trip, you must keep track of the offers on the various travel agencies’ websites like Yatra which offer cashback and discounts on certain occasions.
  • Choose Where to Stay: You cannot dream of living in a royal suite in Colombo if you are on a tight budget. In such a case, try to choose the clean and comfortable private rooms with an attached bathroom that are equally good. Moreover, if you want to save some more, you can jolly well stay a little away from the centre of Colombo and away from the major tourist attractions in the city for saving on the hotel bill.
  • Choose What to Eat: It isn’t impossible to have the cuisine of your choice served decoratively to you in a grand restaurant. However, if you want to indulge in that kind of a luxury, you have to pay a heavy price too. So, if you are on a low budget. You must try out the local delicacies that would definitely satisfy your hunger and make you crave for the local dishes of Sri Lanka once you go back to your own country.
  • Choose Where to Visit: The natural beauty of Sri Lanka, and especially, Colombo, is so diverse that every tourist keeps gawking at the majestic wonders. However, whenever it comes to the tourist places, the ticket prices are quite high owing to the business policies. So, this gives you the opportunity of saving your money by visiting those tourist places that can be enjoyed free of cost such as the wide and peaceful beaches, the lovely terraced tea plantations, the local markets and others.

Now that you do know how to travel to Colombo on a budget, you must be feeling very excited to embark on your trip. Thus, here’s wishing you a happy and safe journey ahead!

Fun things to do in a cafe

There are many Fun things to do in a cafe

When it comes to doing stuff outside of the house, some like to play sports. Others wait until dark and hit the local pub or nightclub.

Others, like yourself, search for the nearest purveyor of caffeinated beverages and revel in an atmosphere that can’t be found elsewhere in the community.

If you identify with the latter scenario, but haven’t actually gone out to a coffee shop before, you might be wondering what they have to offer.

In this post, we’ll share just a few of the fun things to do in a cafe that will have you coming back to them time after time.

1) Muck about on the web

Its the 21st century – we get it. Whether it’s the latest article from a favourite blogger of yours, an episode of a podcast you dig, or daily tips that are going to help you pick all the winners going into this weekend’s football matches, there’s nothing more satisfying than curling up with your laptop in a cosy corner.

There are plenty of web workers as well, but you needn’t have to do anything productive to fit in – if you just want to get out of the house and enjoy some amazing coffee while being entertained by the best of the internet, that’s fine too.

2) Reading novels, magazines, newspapers, etc

For some cafe aficionados, computers are a modern abomination that detracts from one of the longest coffee house traditions – reading an interesting book while getting good and caffeinated.

Some establishments carry the latest daily papers, making it easy to look intelligent and worldly to others in the cafe, but it’s always best to check before turning up to a new spot, lest you be left with no reading material to while away the hours.

3) People watching

If a cafe has an outdoor patio, you’ll be able to participate in one of the most beloved of cafe pastimes – sitting outside with an espresso and watching ordinary people pass by.

No activity is as mentally stimulating as checking out folks and ruminating about what they are all about, based on how they dress and present themselves.

Even if your favorite establishment doesn’t have outdoor seating, or if the weather is too miserable, stealing glances of your fellow patrons can be a fun activity.

Usually, those who frequent cafes are interesting, creative types, making for more interesting subjects than the ‘normies‘ who try to look like each other.

4) Take in live performances

Some cafes aren’t just about the coffee – some give local artists a space to showcase their brilliance.

Whether it is a master of acoustic guitar, a local poet that specializes in the spectacular power of spoken word, or a talented painter that is looking for a gallery show space for their first presentation to the public, many coffee houses are wellsprings of the local arts scene.

If you are into this, look up a list of events at cafes near you and make a point to attend one of them sometime soon.

Need to get away now? Book one of these last-minute cruises!

Sometimes, life leans on us until we get dangerously close to our breaking point. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to take a step back and remember that life isn’t about martyring yourself at work.

If you want to have a happy, balanced life, stop being so stubborn and make use of your vacation days for once. If you simply cannot take it anymore, then hop online and find a great cruise deal.

There are plenty of them out there, as the staterooms of late cancellations are worthless if they don’t have paying customers filling them.

The more people there are on the ship, the more money that gets spent in shops, restaurants, and in onboard bars/nightclubs.

Now that you are convinced of their existence, here are some destinations you should try to snag via a last-minute cruise deal…

1) Adriatic Sea

During the summer season, the Mediterranean is easily one of the most popular destinations among those looking to take a cruise.

With long, hot, dry summers and gorgeous beaches with crystal clear waters, it’s not exactly a mystery why this is the case.

While it is a skinny body of water north to south, it extends for thousands of kilometres west to east, making for plenty of itinerary possibilities.

Of all the routes, we recommend going with one that focuses on the Adriatic. Often leaving from Athens, cruises that ply these waters often pay a visit to Greek and Roman ruins and with stops in places like Dubrovnik and Kotor, there will be plenty of Old World cities to explore if lying in the sun all day isn’t your thing.

2) Alaska

A gorgeous but stormy land, Alaska has a beauty that reveals itself to visitors for only a few short months each year.

During this time, there are many cruises that ply sheltered channels made possible by the islands in its Eastern Panhandle.

Throughout this journey, you’ll see many glaciers that descend from coastal mountains all the way to the ocean, thick forests unmolested by human hands, and wildlife like grizzly bears and bald eagles.

3) Caribbean

Suggesting a Caribbean cruise might not be the most original suggestion that a travel blog has ever made, but there’s a reason why this region helped give birth to the modern cruise industry.

The islands located in this dreamy, warm sea are the subject of the wildest fantasies many folks have, as their sugary white sand, swaying palms, and the warm people that call this place home have drawn people back year after year.

From the Bahamas to Grenada, Barbados to Jamaica, there are countless itineraries that will take you to places that will become your new favourite places in the world.