Put these Forest of Dean attractions in your travel itinerary

When city dwellers of the United Kingdom seek a temporary reprieve from their daily grind, they have a number of go-to favorites.

The Lake District. Snowdonia. The Scottish Highlands.

But when you can’t venture far from Central London, a quick weekend escape to the Forest of Dean might just suffice.

Want to immerse yourself in the verdant environment found in this corner of England? Stay in a holiday cottage there, as they are nestled amidst the trees and the rolling hills which make this part of the country a desirable place to escape the stress of everyday life.

Once you have decompressed enough, though, you will probably want to fill your days with some activities.

If you are looking to do more than just unplug, find room in your travel itinerary for one of the following Forest of Dean attractions.

1) The International Centre for Birds of Prey

Love birds? If so, spending a few hours at the International Centre for Birds of Prey will be straight up your alley.

Home to over 60 species of hawks, eagles, and other carnivorous avian species, this zoo focuses on conservation and educational activities which aim to promote the well-being of the birds in their care and to teach the public about them.

Watching a falconry demonstration is a highlight of any visit here, so be sure to ask about the day’s schedule soon after arriving.

2) Royal Forest of Dean

As the name suggests, there is a sizeable wooded area within the Forest of Dean region. Preserved as a hunting ground for British royalty during the days of the Tudors, it is a well-loved recreation area in the present day.

While you are in the Forest of Dean, make time to enjoy a lovely stroll along its many walking trails. If you can time your visit, try to come during the spring when flowers are in full bloom, or during autumn when the leaves of the trees are ablaze in colour.

3) Hopewell Colliery

In recent times, mining was the primary economic activity that supported families in the Forest of Dean. That way of life is mostly gone now, but reminders of the past can still be found.

The Hopewell Colliery provides visitors with a window into the workings of a functioning coal mine, as it is run by a free miner or a former worker who once labored in one of the main mines in the region.

Doing that for one year gave them the right to claim a stake of their own within the Forest of Dean region.

Hopewell Colliery is one of the few freeminer operations that still exist, and while coal demand is rapidly falling, revenue generated through tours will keep this fascinating attraction open for years to come.

Looking for a Sign to Road Trip on Your Motorcycle? Here it is, and What You’ll Need!

Picture the rush of riding your motorcycle, the hum and vibration of the motor and the wind on your face. Now, imagine how much better riding would be with scenery you’ve never seen before surrounding you and new places to explore.

The world is at your disposal, and you could stop whenever and wherever you’d like whether it’s to rest or take advantage of the endless possibilities your motorcycle can take you to. You could explore the artful wonders of the Hudson River Valley, or rest up at any scenic viewing area you may encounter.

But before you go take off and leave your problems behind you, you’ll want to make sure you have what you need to keep from running into problems ahead of you.

1)  Make sure you have insurance

This seems obvious, but it’s worth mentioning because of how important it is. You’ll want an insurance plan that can cover you through most situations, so including liability insurance is key. Liability insurance goes a step further with your insurance and protects the insured if they’re being sued for claims that are covered by the insurance policy like medical expenses for others or damages you have caused in any accidents. There are several options available for cheap motorcycle insurance.

What do I look for in motorcycle insurance?  

You’ll want to find motorcycle insurance that is affordable, offers liability insurance, and a policy that fits your needs. Companies like Acceptance Auto Insurance explain their coverage and can help you find cheap motorcycle insurance so you can enjoy your road trip with less stress, since you won’t have to worry about how to pay for an accident.

2)  Think of a destination

Before you go anywhere, you’ll need to have a destination in mind. When planning a road trip, if you don’t have somewhere to go, you could deplete whatever resources you’ve brought on your trip if you don’t have a stopping point planned.

When you simply wing your trip and decide where you’ll end up when you get there, you could be gone for longer than intended, or not have what you need for the kind of weather or activities offered wherever you end up.

If your road trip is going to last a couple of days, you may want to consider where you’ll end up by the end of the trip so you can purchase any hotels, camping or fishing licenses, or any other accommodations you may need for any activities and exploration you want to do.

And just because you have a planned destination doesn’t mean you can’t go with the flow on your trip. There are usually brown signs on highways with points of interest listed on them. If something on your way to your destination peaks your interest, why not go check it out?

3)  Bring any safety gear you may need

There are things you will need for your own comfort, especially if your road trip will be a lengthy one. It’s better to have something and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

Here is some necessary safety gear you might want to bring with you on your trip.

·  Helmet (of course!)

·  Ear plugs

You may not think about ear plugs if you’re only used to taking short rides around town, but motorcycles can be extremely loud, and subjecting your ears to that kind of noise for hours on end can lead to serious problems down the road.

·  Extra gloves

As you travel, you could run into some fluctuating temperatures along your drive. Be sure to have extra gloves for different weather conditions. You wouldn’t want to subject your hands to being in a pair of soaked riding gloves for any length of time, so bring some more!

·  Bluetooth headset

By adding a Bluetooth headset to your helmet, you can use navigation from your phone or talk to your friends when you’re riding past a particularly boring patch of land, or just want someone to keep you awake at night. You can add it for relatively cheap, and it’ll be well worth it!

·  Tools and repair necessities

If you spend a lot of time riding for recreation, you may run into an issue with your bike. It’s best to be prepared with a can of fix-a-flat or a headlamp so you don’t end up stuck somewhere on the side of the road in the dark place you’re unfamiliar with.

Nothing should stop you from exploring the world from your motorcycle seat, and a little extra preparation before your trip goes a long way to keeping your worries minimal. You can take advantage of being on your own, or you can even ride with any friends who have a motorcycle. The world is yours for the taking, so what are you waiting for?


Here’s How to Explore Colombo on a Budget

There are so many of you who must have dreamt of exploring Colombo and its adjoining areas. However, there are again so many of you who have put this thought away against your wishes because of the constant turmoil taking place in Sri Lanka and making the country a little unsafe and uncomfortable for the tourists.

For those of you who dream of visiting the nooks and corners of Colombo even today, here is a splendid news for you! The tourism industry in the country of Sri Lanka has flourished once again and, hence, no one can stop you now from visiting the dreamland of yours.

However, because the tourism industry had been suffering a huge loss for decades, all the prices adhering to tourism in Sri Lanka, and, thereby, Colombo, have been hiked. Moreover, the foreign visitors have to pay quite a lump sum every time they set foot on the land of Colombo. Hence, isn’t it time for you to plan out your “Yatra” with the help of the leading travel agencies like Yatra so that you can enjoy a comfortable trip to this neighboring country of India even if your budget is limited? Of course, you should! So, get the tickets done from here http://bit.ly/2s1pccm to have a great time in Colombo.

So, read this guide and jot down the points in advance so that you don’t end up burning a hole in your pocket during your visit to Colombo.

  • Choose the Right Form of Transport: In Sri Lanka, the private transports which are specially meant for the tourists are quite pricey. So, instead of taking the more comfortable form of transport, you should opt for the public transports that are much more convenient. Also, make sure that you book your flight tickets in advance so that you don’t have to pay the maximum price. Moreover, as it is an international trip, you must keep track of the offers on the various travel agencies’ websites like Yatra which offer cashback and discounts on certain occasions.
  • Choose Where to Stay: You cannot dream of living in a royal suite in Colombo if you are on a tight budget. In such a case, try to choose the clean and comfortable private rooms with an attached bathroom that are equally good. Moreover, if you want to save some more, you can jolly well stay a little away from the centre of Colombo and away from the major tourist attractions in the city for saving on the hotel bill.
  • Choose What to Eat: It isn’t impossible to have the cuisine of your choice served decoratively to you in a grand restaurant. However, if you want to indulge in that kind of a luxury, you have to pay a heavy price too. So, if you are on a low budget. You must try out the local delicacies that would definitely satisfy your hunger and make you crave for the local dishes of Sri Lanka once you go back to your own country.
  • Choose Where to Visit: The natural beauty of Sri Lanka, and especially, Colombo, is so diverse that every tourist keeps gawking at the majestic wonders. However, whenever it comes to the tourist places, the ticket prices are quite high owing to the business policies. So, this gives you the opportunity of saving your money by visiting those tourist places that can be enjoyed free of cost such as the wide and peaceful beaches, the lovely terraced tea plantations, the local markets and others.

Now that you do know how to travel to Colombo on a budget, you must be feeling very excited to embark on your trip. Thus, here’s wishing you a happy and safe journey ahead!